Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Picture It have witnessed some sad things in my life but none so tough to understand as why we all attack each other for small differences. Why do we sabotage our families and communities cause we are a little uncomfortable, scared or annoyed?

Do we not all want the same thing?

All I want is a peaceful world, where we can pursue our dreams, be our true self and eat some good food. A place where we can dance , sing, laugh together and know that there are many shoulders to cry on. A place where we can sit close together and be different and appreciate those differences and not try and make everyone like us.

I have witnessed healers, shamans and medicine people try to distroy other healers, shamans and medicine people for minor differences. I have witnessed leaders attack other leaders because their causes are not exactly the same. I have seen people complain for the sake of complaining. I have seen so much energy being wasted on what does not matter.

What matters is that we can make this world a beautiful place. It is really easy. All we have to do in believe in each other, believe in our self and when we are triggered we stand up and say "THANK YOU FOR TRIGGERING ME, YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER."

IT is like we are in a sinking ship and all we have to do is put a plug in the hole. We have the plug, but we are to busy pushing people over board to plug the hole.

The great teachers, gurus and shamans of this world... it is time to grow up and work together. Whatever your race, religion, training, culture, financial situation, fame, lineage, it is time to put all that shit down and face the fact that there is no one way to bring this world to peace. There are as many ways as grains of sand. Every way is to be honored and appreciated.

Here is a start.

If you find yourself angry, bothered or annoyed.... try going the route of appreciation. Say thank you... and mean it.

All those who you might of attacked, alianated, hurt in the past. Call them up, send them and email or a note saying simply Thank You. Or better yet, drop by their homes and offer an appology for not appreciating their teachings.

I dont care about making peace with the enemy. I make peace with my friends, family and community first. FOr the true enemy is our own egos telling us we are better, deserve better, are right.