Thursday, 5 April 2012

Manly Sex Talk (Man That Feels Good)

I take a lot of things lightly in this world that most worry about. It has always been my way. One thing I do not take lightly is Masturbation. I love my masturbation process. I have GREAT sex with myself and I am beginning to understand how important that is.

I have learned many techniques over the years. Mostly what I realize is that there are many things I can do to please myself. One thing that I will share is the brilliance of sesame oil. I have talked about the benefits of sesame oil many times, this time let me put it to good use. Sesame oil is brilliant for the skin, it nourishes and heals very well. It is a great lubricant and a great carrier for essential oils. If you are into masturbation or if you have a partner who wants to participate, try using sesame oil. Also try mixing in some high quality essential oils. It makes the whole thing more sensual and also makes your shaft smell better over time as the oil absorbs into the skin. Your skin will be softer and more likely to get touches, it will be cleaner and smell wonderful.

So from this process you get to indulge in self love, you get to make your cock more inviting and you get to practice self health. Try it, pass it on to your men, it is a wondrous adventure.

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