Friday, 2 March 2012

5 greatest accomplishments in My Life

1. Being alive. I have made it this far. I have brushed up with death a few times, have been very sick, have pushed myself to dangerous limits, have opened to deep healing and releasing. I am still alive and able to participate and experience the beauty and wonder of this universe. I am so blessed and grateful for this opportunity.

2. Transformation. I am transformed my life and myself a few times. I have let go of everything in order to move past unhealthy habits, lifestyles and routines. I have worked very hard to create a life that is in harmony with my inner desires and my dreams. I am worth the life of my dreams and I will allow it to be....

3. Self love. I was once someone who thought a talked poorly about myself. I had a lot of negative self talk. I felt like a looser, an idiot and failure and ugly inside and out. This is no more. I have retrained my self talk, opened to self love and have learned to honor and care for myself. I have mush more to learn and move through but I am surely in love with myself and I am a great lover.

4. Family and community. Allowing beautiful and loving people into your life and allowing their personalities not to trigger you but to inspire you is one thing I have worked at learning how to do. My family members are brilliant and strong people that teach me deep lessons. They are part of me and know me better then anyone. My community are just as much a part of me as my family. I am surrounded by people who love me and I accept the love they give in the way they give it. Once I learned to give myself the love I only could give I was freed of looking for it from family and community. I am now free to feel the love of the people around me with no attachments.

5. My blog. I love to write. I need to practice. I am learning how to write and have committed to this blog and kept at it regardless of the readership. This is a sacred packed I have with my writing. I have something to share and I am learning how to voice that using words and grammar and finding my writers voice. I am curious as to where this whole thing will go......

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