About Dreamhawk

I was born in the North, in the winter. I was a happy but stubborn child. I always seemed to work outside the box, never understanding the need for rules and containers. I have hitchhiked across North America 3 times. I have lived in 5 major cities and in 3 rural communities. I have studied over 14 forms of traditional healing modalities (I'll spoil the ending... at their cores their all the same). I have no money, little possessions and no land. I have given all for knowledge, self healing and adventures.

Recently I was clearly given a message (by my subconscious, by spirit, by the universe, whatever) that I have to start sharing what I have learned and what I see. I also have to practice writing as I have some stories to tell. I also find it pushes me in my process to share. I am working on becoming more vulnerable all the time.

If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at get_ye_up@yahoo.com