Thursday, 15 December 2011

Manly Sex Talk Comments

Amazing, really interesting. I have gotten comments from the two post I put up, Manly Sex Talk and Manly Sex Talk II.

So what I have found interesting is that all the comments I received have been from Women. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear from the female perspective, just seems to me a little one sided. Maybe my readers are mostly women? Maybe the men are not ready to share? Anyway here are two of my favorites and my responses to them. I will not put names at this point as their comments where sent to me personally.

Taken from a long response, that I very much appreciate and was very honest. I love honesty people, get with it, if we all have nothing to hide we all benefit.

Not all women enjoy the pound em up smack em around the bedroom kind of lovemaking, in fact a lot of the juicy lovely bits of making love don't have to involve a man being rock hard. It's actually one of those things women secretly wish men understood, it really doesn't revolve around the penis. This seems to be especially hard for men of a certain size penis to understand, which is why I'm going to say this: Tell your manly readers that most women prefer to sleep with a man with an average size or smaller, this is because these men are often gentler and inherently understand that there's more to sex than pounding and will take their time to learn own bodies, how it works, how they can give and receive pleasure in various wonderful ways, and in turn grow into better lovers, unlike their larger counterparts who continue relying on the 'Green Giant' to do all the work for them.

- Very interesting. Yes men, we hear all the time that size does not matter. Like the women who see air brushed pics of young, unrealistic girls on the front of every billboard and magazine, men see well hung men who can pound it for hours, giving multiple organisms every night while still finding time and energy to work on the fat free, perfectly over chiseled body. THE TRUTH MIGHT BE that both are an incredible disease that is contagious if we buy into it. Small to large penis', if you do not connect with your partner, if you do not make then laugh, if you do not engage in good for play and after play, if you do not allow yourself to enjoy the experience then you loose and so does your partner. This reader is right in my eyes, it is so not about the cock. It is so about the imagination and the story and the adventure.

Taken from a wise women who has much to say using little words.

When communication is equal and gender removed maybe there will be more openness.
Your blog is very intimate and thank you for sharing your journey.
Much love and light

I struggle with the concept of genderless. I agree that we all have to be open and honest but in my experience talking about sex with men is very different then talking about sex with women. Eventually an open communication between the genders needs to take place. First men need to work together to heal stigmas and abuses from their lineages and trainings. I believe that like the feminism movement has empowered women to be the power they are and are working towards, the masculine movement can do the same to allow emotional, heart centered, vulnerable and yet still warrior men to be.

Thank You to all those who commented. Please men let me know your thoughts. I am willing to go there....

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