Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Get out of my fucking way, unless you seek the wrath of truth.

I am pissed these days.

Seriously pissed!!!!!!!!!!!

I have fucking had it with opportunistic self righteousness. I have had it with greed infested cultural norms. I am done with bullshit controlling lies disguised as media. I am exhausted of pretending like I care about government and politics.

Where are the people who stand tall and proud and refuse to take this giant mound of steaming crap we call our culture up our ignorant asses?

Where are the few that support their dreams by lifting up other peoples dream?

Are you standing for anything?

I am fucking pissed. To much me first, my situation is worse then yours, my life is tougher bull shit.

It is time to put down the fucking egos and be honest!

We are all hurting!!!!!

We are all scared!!!!

We are all waiting for help from others!!!!!

So why dont we actually learn to help each other?

With all our energy we let go of the need to protest, to fight the "system", to complain about the way things are and


All of our energy in helping out those who you believe in. Helping out those who inspire you. Helping out those who need a bit of help. Helping out those who as for help. Helping out ourselves and asking for help and being OK if someone says no, just keep asking till you get the help you need.

We can build a brilliant future and soon. It is not hard.

We just need to focus together and trust the inner callings of each and every one of us.

It is time to rise up and say no more distractions. It is time to pursue my dream and time to connect, support and surround myself with other people who are following their dreams.

Stand up. Start today. Get it fucking moving.....

Monday, 29 July 2013

Who Cares?

Picture Do we care?

Do we really care?

What do we care about?

DO we care about believe in anything?

Where are we going?

How do we get there?

Do we know what to do when we get there?

How are we going to get there?

Where are we going again?

Do you care where you are going?

DO you care how you are planning on getting there?

What question/s do you have?

Do you ask them?

Do you search for answers to your questions?

Who do you ask?

What are you afraid of?

What are you really afraid of?

Do you want to share it?

Do you want to share it all?

DO you want to yell your deepest secret as loud as you can, from the top of the tallest mountain, for everyone on this planet to hear?

Or do you want to sit there and do nothing?

Do you dance?

Do you dance with others?

Do you dance alone?

Do you own your anger?

Do you own your soul?

Do you have the fucking balls to stand up and say no more?

Do you have the balls to stand up and say anything at all?

Do you have the balls to stand up?

Do you stand up?

DO I stand up?

Do I care about this writing?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lowering expectations and the art of forgiveness

Sometimes it takes a great shock to wake us from a dream.

I once dreamed that all I had to do was expect nothing more then kindness, respect and understanding from other people in order to have a low expectation of them.

Low expectations, I have been told, is the key to trusting others. It is the key also to not being disappointed and alienated from people.

So I went abut expecting low stuff. So I thought.

One day, when I was not paying attention, someone that I trusted and that I  had these low expectations of shocked me with their total lack of caring towards me. They where mean, disrespectful and deeply non-understanding of my person. A real shock.

SO I was angry, hurt and frankly looking for vengeance.

AS I walked through these emotions I was confronted with the loud awakening of a question repeating itself.

"Where those expectations I had on that person really that low?"

"Do you meet those expectation of yourself?"

"Are you always kind to yourself, always respectful of yourself, always understanding of your limitations?"

Not always...

Well, shit. I guess I had higher expectations of others then I do of myself. I wanted others to do what I could not fulfill myself.

SO what to do?

I believe that to truly find forgiveness in others I must forgive myself.

I believe that in order to forgive myself I must accept that I am not perfect.

In order to accept my imperfections I have to lower my expectations of myself.

Sometimes I mess up. Sometimes I hurt others. Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I am careless, dishonest, selfish, mean, disrespectful and so on....

I work hard to be a better person.

I work hard to be open and loving.

I now must work hard in accepting my limitations. In lowering my expectations of myself and of others around me.

It is time to accept that I am a work in progress.

And I have work to do...