Friday, 29 June 2012

Cycling Rain

I can only imagine the long journey this drop of rain has taken to get to me

Drawn from the vast oceans
Separated from its salty, heavy lover
Enticed up to the sky,  filling its void
married to others from all over this planet
creating vast white shadows accenting the blue beyond

Together they block the sun
Shade the land,
Create images for imagination everywhere to pass hours pointing and pondering
Gathering in great force

Until one day the force of remaining lite becomes to heavy of a burden
Together they fall

From every corner of the planet
to running down my cheek,
wetting my soul,
refreshing my deep thirst
connecting me with everything.

Again they meet,
Heavy and fast
Running to its mother
Returning to its great salty lover
Only to wait for hundreds of years till it is chosen again to complete the cycle.

Im done with Tests!!!!

I herby assert my commitment to never taking another test again.

I might have to sign some papers to get a license or answer some questions to get through a program, that kind of test is not what I mean. I mean I will NEVER consciously jump through hoops to get someone else's approval.

There is a ridiculous amount of waste in seeking approval. Probably the most wasteful thing on this planet in giving away power to others. When we seek approval in others we give them our power. Which is destructive to ourselves and our dreams and a huge burden on the others who have enough to deal with in their own lives.

I will work the rest of my life learning about where and with whom I seek approval. I will stop it and take my power back. I do not need others to approve of who I am, I am the only approval that is needed in my life. I accept full responsibility for myself.

I need to have a community, it is part of my health. I need to be accepted. I do not need your approval. I need your love, understanding, challenge, honesty, truth, openness, humor, hugs.

I love myself, that is the greatest healing I can give this world.

Let your imagination run your sex life

I have to admit that my sex life has been a little dull in my life. Not horrible, just lacking in imagination. I was afraid to be who I wanted to be in bed. I was to nervous to show my inner sex soul. I lost a lot, and I know the women I was with did not get very much.

I realize that it is my responsibility to be aware and open about my sexual imagination. I need to persue my sexual healing and be part of the sexual experiences that I desire. This is integral to being a good lover with another or with many. It is like helping someone heal without healing yourself, if you do not know what you want in bed how can you learn what another wants in bed.

Allow your imagination to be free. Explore everything that you can, that does not hurt another person without their permission. Explore!!!! Knowing your sexual self is knowing yourself.

Imagination is the best medicine.