Wednesday, 31 October 2012

We can let it go

It is not your duty, nor your responsibility to save this planet. Nor is it your duty or responsibility to save humanity, your family, your lovers. It is not your responsibility to take on any impossible task.

It is your responsibility to love yourself. Nothing else. If you love yourself then you will be saving the planer, saving humanity. If you love yourself then you will be free and full of life, passion and drive. If you love yourself you will live your dream. You will be successful, you will be everything you ever dreamt.

Self love is a practice that requires your constant attention. It is your number one focus. Never think you do love yourself. Always strive to love yourself better. Always push harder.

It is amazing how easy it is to change your life. It is a simple process. Love yourself..... it will change things and fast.

I will share tips that help me in loving self. I will write them more often as I have already in this blog.

If you have any please put them int he comments or email me and Ill post them.

Lets collect all the pieces of self love.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My brain hurts

I can not explain it. i just have to write about it. This weekend I felt that my channelling went from a manageable speed of information to a very high speed of information. I am now channelling fare faster then I ever had.

What is channelling you ask? I describe it as connecting with the universe. Its like getting connected to the Internet, a source of great information and distraction. The universe is not that different. Humans (and all animals as far as I know) are connected to the universe and can channel anything they want, if they let themselves and learn how.

All you have to do, it sounds easier then it is, is to listen. Practise listening to yourself. Your inner voice, your thoughts, you insights. Listen well and hard and often. Check in with yourself and you will see that there is a lot going on inside you and all around you that you never imagined before.

Love yourself, seriously it is all we are ever asked to do. Self love is the highest form of power.....

Try it, you will soon be connected to a far greater source of information then the internet will ever be.

Monday, 29 October 2012

manly sex talk: G Spot Orgasms

Man I wish I knew thins when I was younger. Seriously cool way to please your lady friend(s). I am not sure how to get everybody into this position but I can tell you that if you connect a girls g spot with your penis and find the right rhythm and depth, you get a pool of lover fluids from her and she will love it and it takes very little energy.

Learn more here

 I love sex.....

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sacred Writings: Story of John

Rain or shine, wet or dry it did not matter to John. He was and always will be, walking the streets of North Falls. The houses could be burning down, the sun about to implode, the wild creatures could start a revolt against their human oppressors, it would not stop John from his daily walk. Up Main Street, left at the second lights, down Freedom Ave and over threw the Blue Bird Park. John dressed in his Sunday best everyday except for his rain boots and a Big Boss baseball cap he’s had for 20 years. John has long white hair, it used to be blond, a slim body with a slight belly and big blue eyes. The ladies used to walk with John, hoping to get on his good side and have him take them home. He was strong, wise, very intelligent and mysterious, how could any woman resist?

No one knew where John lived. Locals debated this for hours at the local pub. Some thought he lived on the ridge north of the falls, some thought he had no home. Some argued that John lived in town and others thought he was a ghost and needed no home at all.  Many tried to follow John to get a glimpse of his unknown living quarters but they would get tired and stop. John walked everywhere and all the time, never stopping to drink, eat, pee or talk. He would talk to whoever came to walk with him. He had great insight on many of the people’s problems. Troubled souls would come from all over asking John about love, health and religious angst. Apparently John left every person who walked with him free of burdens, full of hope and with plans to continue on in their daily life.  

Deep thoughts crossed Johns mind. Never did he give them any space to linger. He could not care less about the philosophies of life, love or the universe. John had witnessed enough strange things in his life to believe in the present moment. He believed that we are all observers of this world. That what we think we choose and control we do not. We have no space, no time, no past, no future. John knew in his heart that there was only the present moment. Only now.

He had argued this point with many people. Wiser people then he would brand him a fool. Fights would occur. All was set in stone for John. He believed there was nothing we could do to change the patterns of our life. WE had no control. We had only the ability to observe our present moment.  He believed that there was no we. That he was everything and that everything was he. Nothing existed apart from him and he was, in essence, everything.

John knew when he realized this concept. When he was freed from the burden of making choices. When he started walking around this town. John never told the story, how could he, he no longer remembered the past. For John there was no past. He was stuck, or liberated, in the present. He was not scared, happy, worried, excited. He was not enlightened, nor endarkened. John was.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Witch Doctor House Call: Healthfood stores

Let me ask you
Imagine yourself in your local Healthfood store, eco store or even local grocery store. Now imagine walking down the isles, checking out the deals, what’s new, what looks good for dinner. You pick up a favorite product, put it in your basket and move on.
Now let me ask you 4 simple questions I bet you cannot answer;
1.     Is the packaging of that product recycled, or eco friendly?
2.     Who owns that company and where do the profits go?
3.     Where are the raw ingredients actually from?
4.     What’s the point of this product?
I can assure you that there are many questions facing Eco/Health products that need to be asked that I am not going to talk about. What I am going to talk about is what questions the Eco/Health companies do not want you to ask. Lets take a look at what I have found.
1.     Most companies use “main stream”, “non eco” packaging and WAY to much of it.
2.     Big companies like, Colgate, Clorox, Kraft and more have bought up many of the companies that are on the Green/Eco/Health shelves
3.     SO many “Local” companies import products from the other side of the planet. Consider the packaging, the local climate and what is in the package and ask yourself, how could I get my hands on local raw materials to make this product? Is it possible?
4.     What is the point of Organic Oreos? Or Organic Fruit Loops? Do you need them for any reason besides pleasure? Hey I’m not saying don’t enjoy them, I am just asking so you are aware of why you buy them. Don’t assume that if it is in a small independently owned health food store that Millions of dollars has not been spent on the marketing to try to convince you that you “NEED” this product
Start by asking the store employees. If they cannot find an answer then contact the companies VIA websites and contact info on the back of the product. Use common sense.  And remember, you hold all the power. The biggest companies in the world are afraid of you finding out the truth, they will change their practices if enough people ask questions they don’t want to answer.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Witch Doctor House Call: Lavender oil

Recently I had a young friend come down with an illness that gave her a bad rash. I was a helper on this healing process, and went to the pharmacy for this young friend. I looked over the choices of what I could offer her for the itchiness, calamine lotion, some other creams, chemical stew, toxic sludge hhhhmmmm, the choices where tough.

Then I remembered Lavender essential oil. God I love this shit. I put the shit on everything. Mix 3 drops of high grade Lavender essential oil (Make sure it is pure essential oil, go to a health food store for this) with 2 table spoons of olive oil or sesame oil.  Put this on a cloth and rub it on the itchy parts.... it works.

How about burns, sun or fuck that's a hot pot burns. Yes it will stop scarring, speed up the healing process, numb the pain, cool, disinfect, destroy bacteria, and more.

Body odor, Lavender essential oil works very well as a deodorant.

Calming, emotional support. Cant get to sleep, cant get your kid to sleep, try some lavender oil.

Now, there is no side effects but it is strong. With kids and those who have sensitive noses just use a little bit. Mix it with oil. Put a drop on a blanket and smell it or on a tissue.

This is one of the secrets the pharmaceutical monsters do not want you to know about. Lavender essential oil is the most important part of my first aid kit, my medical counter and my healing. I seriously put that shit on everything.

Remember that you have the power. There is more power to heal you within 100 yards of your front steps then any pill you can ever get. You just have to learn, share and ask.

Want to know more about essential oils? One of the masters of our time is found here

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sacred Writings: Peaceful Warriors

In the late spring of 2000 I gave away most of my possessions  packed a bag and hitch hiked around this country of ours. I spent 4 months on the road. I literally followed the wind for a while. It was such a brilliant experience. A gift of time that was all mine. I can only dream of such a fantastic time for everyone I know. 

I spent a lot of time communing with spirit. My spirit guides where strong, their voices clear, my intention was obvious. What I was being called to do, above all else in my life, was to write and share some sacred teachings I had been shown. One problem, I had not idea how to write.
I could spell and construct a sentence. I could write a short story that would give me a passing grade in my English class. I could write, I just could not write like I wanted to. I did not know my voice, i did not know how to construct a story that I would want to tell. I did not know how to share what I had been shown. So I spent time learning how to write.
Now I write everyday and I have had two things happen to me lately.
1. In a profound journey, late at night, last week, I was taken to a grand hall surrounded by spirits. At the far end of the hall was three great spirits, i did not recognize them except for their glowing presence. I walked to the end of the hall and was presented with a book. I was told by one of the spirits that I was to decipher this book and share it with all who wer willing to listen. The hall burst into light , warm white light and I was taken softly to my sacred tree where I was to read the book one page at a time.
2. My blog, which I have been writing in for the past year, has been taking off. A great deal of interest more then before. I only get 30-40 hits a day but that is a lot considering I do not do much advertising or facebooking for it. It is now getting more hits then ever and everyday it gets bigger.
So i decided to write the sacred text in my blog. It is a start to the translation. I still need to understand it more. I am using my Sacred Writings heading as a way to capture some of the pieces of the translations. 
I am to write and I am to share something. Ultimately I have been called to share how to make Peace. There is a war upon us. There is a great battle coming. I truly thing that we have a way of stopping the war. It requires us to be peaceful with ourselves and everyone we meet. If we resonate peace then we can hold off the war and make profound change in this world. 
Peace is a warrior task. It is not easy. One will get hurt and tired and bruised. We have to work together, put our petty differences aside. We have to close the gaps. 
Please let me know what you think. i love the perspectives of others. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My spirit song, gifted to me from the land out my back door. I love you sweet land. I love you spirit filled forests, fields, water.

Giving myself permission

There used to be days where I just needed to complain. I needed to bitch, moan, groan. I needed to yell, scream and fight. There where some days where I was not be a kind, controlled person. 

A few years ago I was in a very contentious relationship for many years. My partner yelled at me frequently for every flaw and insecurity I had. I was not a strong person and took most of what she said to heart. I stayed in that abusive relationship for a long time, mostly cause I had no idea how to get out. 

It took me a few weeks after we separated to come to the realization that all I wanted to do is complain and find sympathy for my pain. I spent a great deal of time fighting this urge to be a victim. 

It was sometime in the summer of 2011, shortly after the escape from my tortured relationship, sitting in my apartment, trying to figure out what I was doing with my life, when I got up and threw my pencil at the wall. I screamed, cried, yelled profanities at every God I knew. I punched the desk, realized that hurt, then punched a pillow. I threw a temper tantrum.... I fucking lost it!

10 mins later, I sat up, teary eyed, red faced and feeling a whole lot better. Seriously felt better then I had since, well, since a very long time. 

I had discovered a great deal of peace in this moment, I actually laughed. I thought about what had happened and realized something rather useful.

I needed to vent. I needed to be depressed, sad, cry, anger full. I needed to be a sad sack of poop. The reality though was that I had a life to live. I could not be all that every second of every day. It was too much and would not allow me to live my life. 

I then decided that I would give myself 10 mins of "release" time every day. 10 minutes to be sad, angry, mean, agressive, moody, depressed, whatever I wanted. I would always do it alone, not to hurt or confuse anyone else, after all it was not about them anyways. I just needed to vent....

It has been over a year, I still take 10 mins every day. I love it. It has helped me be honest and true to myself without being a victim. 

Try it, let me know how it works for you

Monday, 22 October 2012

I'm a little scared

I'm not sure how to share this without sounding a little nuts. Like it really matters, we're all nuts.

I have been getting clearer and clearer messages from the universe that things are about to change and BIG time. Not sure what it is going to look like or how it is going to change. What I am clear on it that I need to share more about how to prepare for this change.

I have been on a weird path my entire life. Especially my adult life. I sent a great deal of time as an angry man masking it in intelligence. I thought if I out smarted everyone around me that they would not see the broken sole I was. I hated everyone, EVERYONE. If someone put a button in front of me to end the human race, I would have pushed it.

It took me many years, and a lot of searching, some burnt bridges, some lost friends, some disrespected teachers and healers to get to the realisation that I do not Hate humanity.

I hated myself.

I saw in people what I saw in myself. I saw a useless, broken weak, broke, tired person. Someone who did not care for others.

I remember the day I finally got this point. I had to do nothing that day except sit on a dock and cry. I had sent so much time trying to make the world a better place everywhere I went. What I did not realise is that I was missing the most important person.

I had to accept all my mistakes, all my sins, all my limitations, boundaries and pains. I had to take responsibility for how I feel. I had to actually accept that no one was ever gong to make me better, feel better, look better.

The changes coming are going to be easier for those who know that the most important thing in their life is their life. That every item in their closet, every device, gadget, tool is not really important.

I'm no expert. I really am figuring this out one day at a time. I still catch myself hating and being mean. I stop t when I catch it and deal with the reality. I choose peace. I choose love. I choose simplicity.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

It is in my opinion that we are headed for war. Seriously, war is in the cards. Actual fighting. The funny part is most people do not know who they are fighting. There is no villain or big bad guy doing really evil things. What I see is that somehow, we are fighting ourselves. We argue with ourselves, and punish ourselves, why? Why would someone hate themselves? Or continue to hate themselves even when they know they can love themselves. Seriously i don't get it.

Im not a spiritual person. I belong to no religion, no philosophy, no dogma. I dont really care for the concept of God, higher power, whatever. I am rather pragmatic about the whole thing. Self love is the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. If God does exist then He/She is best understood in learning how to love oneself.

I am not an expert either. I fuck up a lot. What I do though is commit to celebrating my efforts to love myself, knowing that it will never be perfect. I accept myself for who I am.

We can avoid war. We have that choice. We can learn to love ourselves, accept our strengths and weaknesses, celebrate ourselves. WE can learn how to dream peacefully. We can choose to stop fighting others, the system, the man, whomever you choose. We can stop fighting and start working together.

The power that comes together in rooms full of people that have strong self love, are amazing. Seriously amassing powers, for change, for healing, for laughter, for hope. The only thing I would ever wish on my descendants is for them to love themselves.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

How good can your life get???

I know all of you can envision how bad life can get. We are very aware of the pain, trials and tribulations we can experience in this life. We know loss, we can envision how bad things can get easily. Can you envision how good things can get?

To be truly in the moment we have to live between two worlds. As humans we live between two worlds. Spirit world and physical world, inside and outside, living and dying, awake and asleep, happy and sad, whatever the polars are it is a game of balancing each side and loving both sides and inviting both sides to be part of our lives.

What I am challenging myself to do is to envision how good my life can get so I can balance it between how bad things can get. I give myself permission to experience the brilliance, beauty and wonder of this world. I will adventure into the world of perfection.

This world is both perfect and imperfect as the same time, don't try and understand it, it just is both. Once we can see the perfection in the imperfection and the imperfection in the perfection, then we will be in the moment and what a moment to be in!!!!

I demand better from Facebook

MOre opinions on the institution known as Facebook. I will keep it short.

Why I choose not to support Facebook

1. Anything I post on this site belongs to them not to me. My writing, my art, my photos technically is there's if I port it on their site.
2. They sell info about me to anyone who wishes to pay
3. I am forced to use my real name, given name. I can not use a nick name or my spirit name.
4. There is a cultural dependence on facebook. Facebook is collecting information about you and your friends to use to make money. This is not a public service
5. There has to be another choice, I choose to support new, more honest companies
6. I am not putting all my eggs in the same basket.
7. Facebook is too big, to powerful. Choices are the balance of power. 

I hereby will start a new Blog list. Sites I like better then Facebook.

Let me begin with Well constructed, nice. fair and simple.

We need more choice and better ones.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Sacred Writings: Dreamers

Above all else the purpose everyone on this planet has is to follow your dream. Semantics leads us to argue on this term, I choose dream, some say calling, passion, duty, whatever you might call it, you MUST follow it. I believe that everyone knows what their dream is. You might not be able to articulate it, or put it into a picture or something clear, but deep down inside you know. Its what makes your heart beat, your lungs work. It is why you are here.

Do not worry if you can not articulate or know what your dream is. Have faith in yourself. Keep learning, keep doing what interests you, keep growing and changing, eventually you will start to see patterns, eventually you will see what your inner self is sharing. 

A few tips
1. Never put your love, interests and desires completely aside. Not for anyone, not for any reason. Your needs are the basis of sustainability, the basis for a healthy future. Sometimes we work with others, we have commitments, we have needs. Fill them but never stop working on your dream, on yourself, on you hearts longing. Even if it is 5 mins everyday. never go a day without time for yourself.

2. If someone asks you what your dream is don't feel like you have to answer. We are our dreams, someone can just observe us and see what it is. By asking I hear them asking if you can help them find their dream. The desire to know in our head takes us away from our hearts. We do not need to know in our heads, we just need to have faith that our heart knows. Our heads and knowing is for the details "How are we going to pay for it?" "How are we going to make it reality" etc. 

3. If you think you are so lost you have no idea what you dream is, then have fun! You can just as easily change that to "i am not clear in my head of what my dream is, but I have faith in myself" or "I am living my dream everyday, all the time, even if I do not see it"

4. Check in from time to time to make sure it is your dream and not someone elses. We have been trained to follow others dreams and create for others. This takes time to let go of and to transition into the skill set to know what your dream. You can learn a lot from following others dreams, especially when they align to our own, but make sure you are not switching your dream for others.

If we are to work together in a brighter world then we have to have faith in ourselves. It is the thread that aligns communities. It is what makes us whole, as individuals and as a planet. We have to live in harmony with ourselves before we live in harmony with everyone else. The sacred writing share that we are each given one piece we must complete in out lives. We will complete this piece no matter what we do, it is inevitable  The only choice we have is how we do it. Do we do it with love and joy or do we struggle through it? 

Your fate is sealed. You will complete your fate, no way around it. Destiny, well that is up to you. How do you complete your fate, what style, how difficult do you make it on yourself? 

Witch Doctor House Call - Harm Reduction!!!!

You ever think about quitting something, or making a change for the better in your life. Maybe you give up smoking or drinking or watching so much TV. Maybe you want to read more, meditate, get into shape. How about loosing weight, saving more money, getting out of debt.... THe list is endless of ways to improve oneself.

What I say is fuck the musts and shoulds!!!!! You want to make a change, make a small incremental plan. Today I will walk one more step then yesterday. Today I will do one push up. Today I will spend one dollar less, today I will have one less cigarette.

Then Day two is one more step, one more push up one less cigarette.

Take is easy, dont rush, stop the panic, and for the love of god (or more so for the love of yourself) stop setting yourself up for failure.

Anyone who tried to quit something knows they have to work it into their life. Be kind to yourself, relax and allow change to happen over time. Take small bites, realistic goals and remember to celebrate yourself!!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sacred Writings : The War Begins

The impending war is upon us. We are gathering in strength. THe side I choose does not fight with guns and propaganda. The side I choose fights with self respect, strong community and purpose and an understanding that we are not visitors on this planet but a part of this planet as a whole. Everything I do to the planet, the people and animals and plants on this planet, I do to myself.

The control and fear of our planet is rampant. The disease of panic and paranoia is wildly abundant. We fear our best friends, our neighbours, our community, our governments, our families. We are drowning in fear. The cure is upon us and its tough medicine.

If we are to survive as a species, and survive with purpose, we have to stand strong together. That means we have to trust others and be trust worthy ourselves. We HAVE to let the idea of duality go. You are the same as me. Everyone is the same as everyone else. We are all together or we are done.

This brings to mind two very sacred practices that I wish to share with you. It is the secret of every great community. The magic that I am about to share is something that requires attention and introspection. THese practices are for those who wish a better world....

1. Trust yourself. Self trust is essential. Know your boundaries, know your limits, know them intimately  Never make excuses for them. Your boundaries are yours. NEVER go beyond them without extreme caution. Learn to say no with kindness and let it go. NEVER let guilt guide you... never, ever, ever. Tend to your needs first, without being gluttonous. For your sake, love yourself. Learn to trust your instincts. Know your fears, your doubts. Learn to love them.

2. Trust Others: Surround yourself with people who trust themselves. It is the best way to trust others. If someone tells you what you want to hear then they are not being honest. Learn to take harsh criticism. Learn to hear NO. Learn to let go of expectations. Learn to let go of needs from others. Ask reasonable requests. Never waste someones time. Always show appreciation for everything others do for you. Take risks that do not hurt you to much if they do not work out. Build understanding and clear communication with others. Remember that everyone has a different way of understanding this world then you. Forgive, let go, give 2nd, 3rd and as many chances as it takes. Teach others about what you need with love and kindness. Be patient, this takes time.

The war has begun. Let us put our little squabbles aside. WHo cares who said what to whom, who broke what promise, who lied or cheated. These can be dealt with later. Let us turn our attention to the GREAT injustices. The large companies, groups and forces that are trying to pit us against each other.

We have all the power. You have all the power.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

We're doomed if we keep acting so stupid!!!!

Seriously pissed off here!!!!! Deep disappointment happening everyday!!!!

There is an opportunity to make serious change in this world. We can create a stronger community, a healthier planet full of connected and balanced humans living in harmony with everything around them.

It is very possible!!!! But not if we keep fighting each other.

I have met a number os "shamans" and spiritual leaders from around the world. Most seem to be focused on control, anger and mis trust of each other. Seriously, when you have a cat fight between a "shaman" and a high priest about how to appropriately hold prayer or who to pray to, well, it gives me little hope that we will actually make change.

If the big machine of the information gathering countries are looking at the spiritual movement it does not see it as a threat. We fight each other too much. We are weak. We can be destroyed with simple propaganda in an instant. We pose no threat to their control.

WE NEED TO CLOSE IN THE GAPS. Stop all this control of who has the right to what teachings and who did what to whom many years ago. We need to put differences aside and start something together, something united, something with purpose.

The war of change is upon us. Humans HAVE to change. No way around it. We are being told, every culture, that this is the time. Now lets stop being fucking idiots and actually help, love supoort and work with each other!!!!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Cure for depression.... for me any ways

You depressed? Probably, most people these days are. Or they have struggled with depression. There are a lot of great supports out there, Zoloft, Prozac, St Johns Wort, Passion Flower, Accupuncture, Psychotherapy.... and so many more.

What about a cure. I might have found one. Lower your expectations of yourself.

Seriously, allow yourself to be impressed with getting out of bed int he morning, or brushing your hair. Hell I believe that a great deal of the problem with depression is that we have WAY to high expectations of ourselves.

Relax, take it easy on yourself. Your parents, boses, spouses, family, community will all demand more of you then possible. It is up to you to balance that all out with patience and love for yourself.

Give yourself a reward at the end of every day. Something to say, I made it!!!!

Celebrate yourself. That is the MOST important thing you can do everyday. Celebrate yourself in any way you want. Be creative, be thoughtful, be economical with your celebration. Just allow yourself to recognize that it is a fucking miracle that you are even alive.

Enlightenment is not about meditating and letting go and all that shit. enlightenment is recognizing that you are already enlightened and live in an enlightened world.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

No such thing as luck

I do not believe in luck.  Lucky people are always prepared and alert people. Luck is about know how to take advantage of opportunity an knowing when to go for it. The luckiest people I know are the most alert people I know. Luck is foolishness. Being present is a good way to find success. 

What I see is that people who complain about bad luck are usually waiting for someone to help them out of the mess they are in. If you take responsibility for where you are at and where you want to go, luck follows.

If you put together a plan and know what the hell you are trying to do, luck will follow.

If you organize yourself, make choices and let go of what does not serve you Luck will follow

If you have faith in yourself, luck will follow

If you are honest and determined and live your life for yourself, Luck will follow

If you are in the right place at the right time because you have done what you need to do to get there, Luck will be abundant and present.

No such thing as blind luck. Luck is a reward of dreaming your dreams awake.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Manly sex talk - Hard Energy.....

So men, lets talk about sexual energy. It has occurred to me that men exude a great deal more energy durring sex then women. Beside that fast that there are a great deal of positions where we work hard (and have fun) we also produce and expel semen.

I presume that the body takes a lot of time and energy in producing semen. It is the seed of life. Something I know my body takes very seriously. Producing it and expelling it is fantastic, just a lot of work. I know when I am eating well, taking lots of B vitamins and Rhodiolla, I seem to have more fluids. I have to drink a lot of water and be physically active....

What I am also learning is ejaculation is not the same thing as orgasm. They are close but can be separated  I am learning to orgasm without expelling semen. If I can do more of this then I could feasibly have more sexual energy for my partner and for myself.

Any tips????? Please share....

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Drawing lines before the wall

My lessons in life are constant. I seem to be learning much for many reasons. I am not sure why i am put in the situations I am, I always approach it with integrity and love. I make mistakes and find myself giving into fear and insecurity, but in the end I always take the lesson at hand into my life.

Recently I have learned a great deal about drawing lines. This is the art of knowing that a personal boundary is being encroached upon before it is reached. For instance, I might have a boundary about how many hours I work in a week or how much complaining I listen to from a friend before I have had enough. It is not only important to know where the too much line is, it is essential to know a few steps before it.

If a friend was complaining and I waited till I was at my limit, I would be harsh, short or even mean... "Stop complaining now!" If I had stopped it before my limit, I might be kinder " i hear you my friend, Tell me about the best part of your day?" or something supportive and helpful.

In life we must draw lines. In a peaceful life we must draw pre-lines.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Manly Sex Talk - Sex is not only about sex anymore

Somewhere in my sexual career I slowly and unconsciously changed from an animal getting laid to a human healing others.

With my body, my mind, my heart and my spirit, when I enter into the sacred act of sex, my intention is to heal.

I can not heal others, or heal the lover I am with. I can only heal myself.

It is remarkable. While I tend to my healing I end up creating a healing environment that my lover benefits from. Then my lover heals, creating a safer environment for me to heal. The spiral supports a brilliant experience that ends up shifting everything.

Healing does not mean being soft and gentle every time. It means you honor your heart, yourself and the environment you are in. Explore your sole, explore yourself, allow yourself to be open.

Sex is now a healing tool I carry along with me.