Monday, 28 May 2012

The secret of magic...

I love magic. I really do. not only tricks but magic that is seemingly unexplainable. I have seen things that I can not explain, miracles if you will. Here are my thoughts on such things and mys ecret on how to create magic in your life.

1. Just cause you know the trick, does not mean it is not magic. Actually all magic has a "trick" to it. You can go to a Guru high up in a mountain, who knows how to levitate. You can see the magic in his floating in the air. You can then spend your life learning what the Guru has to share and quite possibly levitate yourself. Once you learn how to levitate you realize that it does not seem like magic anymore. Magic is perspective. It is how you present reality.

2. Magic does not defy laws and norms, it works with them. Every great magician works with gravity, sight, sound, and human behavior. It is a co-production or a co-creation. Just like EVERYTHING in life you can work with the forces of the universe to co-create magic or you can work against it to create pain and suffering. Your choice, although I think it is rather obvious which one I lean towards.

3. Magic makes the world go round. It makes me laugh, smile, giggle. You can understand how a trick is done or how someone has accomplished something but the fact that magic is alive and there means that the magician and the audience are having fun. Truly one of the greatests gifts of being human is having fun.

To summarize, It is not what you know, it is what you do with what you know that makes magic, and how you do it. It is not breaking laws, it is working with what you got. It is not to trick another but to entertain and inspire.

I love magic.....

Friday, 25 May 2012

Risk over Fear

Last night I played my first live gig. It was a blast, an absolutely perfect first gig. I was supported by my friends and was honored by the night. I am extremely grateful and look forward to many other gigs....

I love playing music.... I absolutely love it.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nerves, for the love of God...

I am moments away from stepping onto stage and playing live in front of a crowd for the first time ever. I got my guitar and banjo and little else.... God I hope i remember to wear pants.

Anyway I am getting nervous.... really nervous. What if I (fill in the blank with your worst nightmare).

I realize that I have to do this. I have to play, I have to do something that I am nervous and fearful about. I have to pursue my passion. I have to not stop and keep going. I gots me something to say, something to do. I am FUCKING ready to be me and my fullest me. I will not fail, I love myself that much.

If you are in South River tonight, come on out to the White Pine, you will not be disappointed.

Kevin The Wolf

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Humans are so not the highest form of being

Humans are not the highest for of being. Some cultures believe humans are the last step before enlightenment. HA!!! Double HA!!! As far as I can tell humans are pretty low on the enlightened food chain. I can even say that humans are half as awake as the trees in my back yard.

Anyone fullish enough to believe that they are more powerful, intelligent, enlightened, alive then a sunflower sprout or a black fly is just plain asleep. They are missing the point. They are lost in their ego, their fear and their head.

Sail to your heart and you might find a world FAR beyond your imagination. Learn to live in your heart and you will see the power in a grain of sand, not in your thoughts. Thoughts are finite, a grain of sand is infinite. Let go of any idea of hierarchy, spiritual, emotional or physical.  We humans are no more important then ANYTHING that exists. We are no more enlightened, intelligent, alive... we are soooooooo not the only intelligent life on this planet. Not even close.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


We are a shifting species. We are in a time of great change. I am not alone in seeing this. Many observers and on lookers can see this. From the environmental shifts to the technological advancements to our ever-weakening economic system, we are in a great deal of turmoil. I can help. I can change myself. I cannot do the work or make the transition easy on anyone, in fact I do not think it would be effective change if it were easy, it would be a side step. Changing is hard work; it takes a lot of inner strength, a great deal of concentration and a whole lot of patience. Change is a tough path to follow but it is a brilliant one. It is a path that will open you up, allow you to see things you never could before. It is a path where you can be fulfilled, truly happy and a whole lot healthier. Change is what needs to happen. You can live as you do and fade into obsolete times or you can change and be part of this time we are in is coming to.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Humans being humans

Birds fly, fish swim, humans get to be human.

What does it mean to be human?

Does competition, accumulation, personal gains, houses, cars, trips, jewellery mean anything to humans.


Does food, water, love, a simple life, a kind home, a beautiful community, a relationship with nature, a relationship with yourself have anything to do with being human...


Humans being humans is simple. Just simplify your life and see how simple it is. Take the risk to be in the moment and let go of the planning, future and big expectations we put on ourselves. Be free to play and pray everyday.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Immuunity enhanced

Question number two from my open question period.

The question asked was;

"Share your knowledge on herbs....specifically those that help boost immunity"

Oh the world of immunity. This I believe to be a severely misunderstood concept. Immunity? What is the immune system? How does it work?  How can I strengthen it?

In my world the immune system is the gateway between worlds. It is easily influenced by emotional, spiritual and physical factors. The immune system can be to strong. Everyone wants a strong immune system neglecting the fact that the immune system is a finely tuned, magical world that can not be strong nor soft. It needs to be listened to.

When I feel something is off in my physical system. Something like a scratchy throat or tiredness or skin issues or digestive issues, I stop and listen. I have hundreds of tools to support my immune system but I need to know what to do to help it.

I ask, is my immune system tired? Over used? underused? stressed? Confused? anxious?

Is my immune system needing rest? Nutrients? calming?

I then go to my life questions. Am I asking to much from myself? Am I taking time and care of myself? Am I needing to be moving, slowing down, stopping, running? Am I neglecting something? Am I overdoing or undergoing something?

I gather as much information from my immune system and then the medicine becomes clear. Strengthening the immune system is a joke. You do not strengthen the immune system, you listen to it. The immune system is a guide.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Woman more spiritual then men?

So part of my most recent Blog project/calling has been to open up to questions. The first one I got on From Facebook is;

I know I am generalizing here, but what are your thoughts on why women more than men (in North America) seem drawn to spiritual pursuits?

Interesting question seeing it is very obvious in my life. I work at a Spiritual retreat center called Northern Edge. There are usually 80% women participating in any given event. I have asked myself, as I seem to be the lone or one of a few men in any training I have done. There are not a lot of men.

One thought is the balance shift. The history of men in our culture is one of dominance. A healthy male figure is a provider and protector. Women have moved into a roll of self providers and self protectors. The traditional healthy male model is obsolete. 

So where does that leave men? I have written before about mens roll in this new world is to support the re-emergence of the Goddess figures in our culture. There has been matriarchal cultures before and i believe we are at the beginning of a matriarchal culture again. I believe that women will lead the change and healing that is needed in our world. Men are to support, hold space and listen and learn. 

Men are not part of the spiritual awakening yet for they have some mourning and letting go to do. Our healing process is not the same for most women. This is why I share. I am a male. I am strong. I am emotional. I am vulnerable. I support women and the healing of this culture. I will help every male channel their yang energy, their aggressive power, their physical strength into holding space, loving and caring energy and a full participant in supporting in every way possible. 

In my view, women are charged with healing this disaster of a world and culture. The least I can do as a male is to help in every way to make it as easy as possible. 

Any more questions?

Monday, 7 May 2012

Is there anybody out there????

Welcome everyone who reads or glances or passes my blog onto others. Welcome all who have been here before and all who have left never to come back. Welcome all lovers and haters, all instigators. Welcome all shapes, sizes, ideas and minds. Welcome to those who are asleep and wanting to wake up, and to those who are awake and want to go back to sleep. Welcome to you.

I am taking requests. I will talk and share about any subject, any idea, and thought. If you want to hear my thoughts on anything, personal, or political, social or philosophical, or anything in between.

All you have to do is ask

Comment here and I will respond

Email me at

I will answer everything and share it in my blog.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Fear is a friend.....

Fear is a funny friend. Give it too much power and you do nothing, give it to little and you go nowhere. Fear can fuel the greatest of adventures. You want to go to the edge of the universe, look at your fears. Not the fear that gives you an adrenaline rush, I’m talking about a greater fear. 
The fear of life. 
The fear to live.
The fear to be vulnerable and your true self.
If you want to see with clear eyes, if you want to be enlightened, if you want to see heaven on earth, then get to know what scares you from making your life better. Find the blocks, deal with them, one at a time. 
There really is nothing to be afraid of. You do not need permission of others to be yourself. Who cares what you parents, teachers, lovers, friends said or say. You are free to be yourself in its fullest. If others have a problem with that then Fuck them, they are not good medicine.
 Find the fear, challenge it. Understand it, respect it. Love it.See where it will take you. It is a magical journey to follow our personal fears.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Kindness over Intelligence

I choose kindness over intelligence any day any place.
Intelligence, in all I have seen, is nothing more then an illusion, a magic trick. Humans know so few concrete truths about any given subject. Those people who are deemed intelligent just put on a better mental show than those who are not. They are mentalists, not intelligent.  They do not have more power or less power then anyone else. We are all equally perfect. Everyone and everything. 
What impresses me is kindness. Intelligence takes no effort, kindness is a practice that takes a lot of work. A kind person is FAR more valuable to a community then a smart person. I trust kind people, I get work done with kind people. I love being around kind people. Smart people fuck up this planet, the education system, politics. 
Smart/Intelligent is useless.  Kindness, useful.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (Start at the beginning)

It took me a while to figure this one out. I think I understood the logic of it years ago but I never really fully digested it till recently.

Disease and discomfort do not start in the body.  I have never seen disease or discomfort the really started in the body. It is not a possibility to start in the body. That would assume the body is seperate from the Spirit or the emotional self.

There is nothing wrong with disease or pain. It is a gift and part of our journey. I do not present this theory to show that we need to pay more attention to our Spirit/Soul or emotional self. I have seen enough to know that we are all doing our very best.

I share this because when someone starts to heal the body I believe they need to know that there will be much more work to do. The emotional self and the spiritual self will need to be healed, loved, rested and changed. I can not in good conscience prescribe herbal formulas for someone without giving them medicine for their emotions and for their Spirit.

When we heal we need to heal every part of us. There is no Mind/Body connection. It is not a connection, it is an complete organism, it is the same thing. The mind and body and spirit are inseparable, it is one living entity. To focus on one is impossible. Everything we do affects every part of us.

Imagine yourself healthy. All of you, not just the parts that are obvious.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (Whats the difference)

IT has occurred to me that I have a minority perspective on dream reality and waking reality.
I ask you,
What is the difference?
Which one is more real?
I have no idea? What happens to me in my dreams is just as real as what happens in real life. I still do not know what the difference is. Some say dreams are not real, they are part of our imagination. OK so is our imagination not real, it is to me. When I imagine something to its fullest I have witnessed it happen. I can imagine things into creation. I have also dreamed things into creation. I also have met many people who have dreamed things into creation.

My waking life affects my dreams. My dreams affect my waking life. There is no difference. Both are part of the same. Dream life and waking life are inseparable. They are not different. One is not more the then other. One is not real and the other fictitious.

Dreams are just as important then your waking life. Toxic dreams create a toxic life. Toxic life creates toxic dreams. Happy dreams create a happy life. Happy life creates happy dreams.

Imagination is the most powerful medicine in the universe.