Friday, 30 November 2012

Mayan Count Down... Is it real?

Recently I sat with a Shaman from Peru. He had been trained in ancient healing ways and learned of many secrets of the mayan people. I asked him if December 21,2012 is the end of the world. He replied..

"Every night, when you sleep is the end of the world. Every time you move from one door to the next, or from one idea to the next it is the end of the world. The world has no beginning or end, it has right now. There is nothing else."

Not clear but I get it. There is no certain future and the past is nothing more then our memories. But what about that calendar we have been counting down.

"Just a shift. There have been many in the universe. This is just another one"

He went on to share " The end of the world is a distraction. You are not paying attention to your life and your dreams if you are worried about the end of the world."

The true work of my life is to eliminate all distractions and free my dreams to become reality.

Be free people. Risking everything to following your dreams is risking nothing, it is what you are here to do.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (First Step....what goes in your mouth)

Food is the first medicine. If you have a lack of energy, if you are constipated, if you have trouble sleeping, digesting, moving, with joints, with concentration, with depression, with addiction, with slowing down, with your heart, with headaches, with tooth aches, with lower back, with upper back, with anything in your body, mind or spirit start by looking at your diet.

Food is medicine. Simple as that. It is medicine you take multiple times everyday. Food is the first and most powerful of medicines. Any half respecting naturopath or holistic doctor will look at what you are eating, when and how before anything else. Take time to observe what you put in you. If your diet is stable and working for you and you still have simptoms or issues then I would move onto other medicines. That is why food is the first medicine. Many times a change in diet or lifestyle around diet can change then entire issue at hand, mostly for the better.

When I lived in Montreal I was very busy. I would make healthy choices with my meals but I was eating out a lot. I had little control over the quality, quantity and love and attention that might or might not have gone into my food. I realized that my health issues, a lot of them not all of them, where due to the fact that I was not cooking for myself. I had to make time to cook and take responsibility for my food. After a few months I lost weight, gained energy and metal clarity and was able to get through my day without wanting to take a nap. I was eating more food and enjoying it more.

Not only the amount or quality of food but how we eat it is just as important. What time of day, is it always changing? Are you sitting, on the phone, reading? Do you know how many times you chew, how big a bite you take or if you drink with your food? There are many angles to look at and experiment with. YOU are the only one that can understand your relationship with food. Others can give tips and advice and perspective but you must be the final voice.

Eat well, eat with love, and honor yourself with the space and time to cook, sit, chew and digest.

Remember, imagination is the best and most powerful medicine in the universe.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Manly Sex Talk

I was in a store today, looking over some books. I came across a book called something like ' Dealing with Aggressive Partners". I felt it was an interesting title so I picked it up. It spent 500+ pages talking about abusive men and how to deal with them.

I did not read the book, I can not say if it was useful or not. What I did learn is that somehow "aggressive partners" means men.

BULLSHIT!!!! Women can be aggressive to. Usually in different ways. Usually in less obvious ways. Emotional abuse, controlling behaviors, manipulation and so many more ways.

Statistically women are more likely to cheat on their male partners and lie about it.

I have been living in a women focused healing world and have learned that a lot of women blame men for so many things. They might have reason for it but I am not that man. I have been abused and it is not fun. I choose to accept my lessons and learn and forgive. I also refuse to believe that men are the only aggressors.

It is time to find peace and forgiveness with all sexes. No one needs to be abused. No one needs to be a victim. We need to heal our hearts and our communities. Mend our bridges and begin to build something meaningful on a foundation of peace.

Together, men and women, of all nations. We shall all be alive and free together, and only together. No one person or race or sex or whatever is more important then any other.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sacred Writtings: My own shit

I want to yell at you. I want to get angry with you and everyone. It feels good sometimes, it makes me feel like I have power, I feel like I have retribution, I feel like I have defended myself, my honor and my self respect.....

Well, maybe not. Truth is, when I get angry at someone I feel like shit. I have never experienced a reason to get angry at someone. Once I get angry I am not present, not able to be a mirror for the other, not myself.

Once I get angry I become my past, my fears, my worries. I am not me, here and now, I am back then.

when I feel angry I have three choices....

1. Ignore it. Not an option for anything

2. Breath, recognize it and accept it as a teaching of some trigger I have. I can learn from that trigger, that pain and thank the person or situation that has angered me. I can see it as a teaching

3. I get angry. Not a valuable option.

I must accept and deal with my own shit. It is mine and mine alone. I collect and use tools, many of them to help me understand, use and create with my emotional self.

I find peace in myself and in no one else.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Which Doctor House Call: You have to read this

In the wake of me quitting facebook and looking at what that entails in my life, I have done some research and found out some rather scary things.

Facebook, Google, airmiles, and so many more, are collecting information about you, your spending habits, your lifestyles, your choices and trying to work them against you. They sell this info to big marketers and the marketers goal is to distract you long enough to sell you something.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is real and happening.

Read this article to get caught up on what is happening out there. 

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Why does this matter?

Because it distracts you from your life. This is the force of distraction, not evil or bad, just distraction. It tries to convince you that what you need for happiness or fulfillment is in the walls of Target, Walmart, whatever....

The truth is, what you need to be happy and fulfilled is in you. It is pursuing your dreams at all costs. It is taking yourself seriously. It is pushing through all the distractions and getting to the golden ray of light that is in you and putting it out into the world, however you choose to put it out there.

You are the most powerful person in your universe.

Start acting like it....

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My first music video

My first music video.

Thanks to the wildly talented Gwenith Kikkawa for the work behind the scenes, you are brilliant!!!!

Filmed on location in the South Riviera...

Follow the link and share it with friends


Music Video: I am here

Lyrics for I am Here

Sometimes your asked to hold on to too much space
Sometimes there's just a little too much on your plate
No matter which way you are going the wind is blowing in your face

Just hold on
I am here

I can't make it better
But I can help dry your tears

Sometimes things just aint going your way
You run out of energy by the middle of each day
People misunderstand you no matter what you say

Just hold on
I am here

I can't make it better
But I can help dry your tears

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Toughest lesson of my life

THe power of detachment is incredible. One can change everything, heal deeply, empower instantly if they practise detachment.

Detachment is not about not caring. It is the act of caring about a person or situation but not caring about what the person thinks of you. You can observe without judgement, you can share without worry of what they will think or say, you can see what those to close to the situation can not see.

The really difficult part of detachment to me is being detached in my community.

It is easy to walk into a situation having no attachment to the results, lets say an argument between strangers, and offer help. Maybe a thoughtful word, a conversation changing question, a perspective.

It is rather tough to do the same in your own conversations.

I have travelled my entire life. Changing communities ever few years. I was always seen as a genius when I came to the community and ignored when I left. This is because I was detached at the beginning while being to involved int he end.

The toughest thing I have ever learned is to be present in my community while being detached. Being fully in love with my community whole being able to see clearly.

I commit to learning how to do this every day of my life.

Cause I a home now, no need to keep running.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Why Bother?

Some days I wonder why bother? War famine, poverty, the elite rich, the poisonous food, the shitty pharmaceutical companies, the person debt, rising gas prices, changing weather pasterns, storms, crappy parents, illness, any fucking excuse you can give.

I am here to say,

"Shut The Fuck Up!!!!"

Enough with excuses. We all need to clean up this mess and stop fucking arguing and complaining about who is at fault.

The biggest con job EVER is that you do not have power to change this world....

You are the only one who can change it.

Start with your own life, your home, your community. Let go of the impossible for the moment. Change what you can today and do not worry about tomorrow.\

Set yourself up for success. Do the little things and let go of the big things.

Be the change

And when you hear an excuse in your head... ignore it. Keep changing and keep doing the little things.

If we all do the little things, then we are going to be OK.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Beautiful Shadows info

In the late spring of 2000 I gave away most of my possessions packed a bag and hitch hiked around this country of ours. I spent 4 months on the road. I literally followed the wind for a while. It was such a brilliant experience. A gift of time that was all mine. I can only dream of such a fantastic time for everyone I know.

I spent a lot of time communing with spirit. My spirit guides where strong, their voices clear, my intention was obvious. What I was being called to do, above all else in my life, was to write and share some sacred teachings I had been shown. One problem, I had not idea how to write.

I could spell and construct a sentence. I could write a short story that would give me a passing grade in my English class. I could write, I just could not write like I wanted to. I did not know my voice, i did not know how to construct a story that I would want to tell. I did not know how to share what I had been shown. So I spent time learning how to write.

I am not an expert at grammer, nor am I naturally skilled at the English language. I do not like this language it is very limiting. I try to explain things the best I can but truly not the best language to use. Alas, it is what I got.

Now I write everyday and I have had two things happen to me lately.

  1. In a profound journey, late at night, last week, I was taken to a grand hall surrounded by spirits. At the far end of the hall was three great spirits, i did not recognize them except for their glowing presence. I walked to the end of the hall and was presented with a book. I was told by one of the spirits that I was to decipher this book and share it with all who wer willing to listen. The hall burst into light , warm white light and I was taken softly to my sacred tree where I was to read the book one page at a time.
  2. My blog, which I have been writing in for the past year, has been taking off. A great deal of interest more then before. I only get 30-40 hits a day but that is a lot considering I do not do much advertising or facebooking for it. It is now getting more hits then ever and 
    everyday it gets bigger.

So i decided to write the sacred text in my blog. It is a start to the translation. I still need to understand it more. I am using my Sacred Writings heading as a way to capture some of the pieces of the translations.

I am to write and I am to share something. Ultimately I have been called to share how to make Peace. There is a war upon us. There is a great battle coming. I truly thing that we have a way of stopping the war. It requires us to be peaceful with ourselves and everyone we meet. If we resonate peace then we can hold off the war and make profound change in this world.

Peace is a warrior task. It is not easy. One will get hurt and tired and bruised. We have to work together, put our petty differences aside. We have to close the gaps.

Please let me know what you think. I love the perspectives of others.

Email me at I will answer any and all questions and I will take on researching and offering perspectives on any subject. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sacred Writings Death part one

Take a deep breath. This might be your last. Think of how many times a deep breath has saved you from making a rash decision. Think of how beautiful the rose smelled, the spring air, the crisp winter cold felt. Take a deep breath and recall how you, at one point, took your first breath.

You are dying. There is no way around it. There is no fountain of youth, cure for ageing. There is no way out of death. You can though choose to appreciate this life. Think of all the tastes and smells that crossed your path. Remember the brilliant sound of an influential music piece. Remember your tears, remember your laughter, the ones that you laugh with.

Look around you right now. No matter where you are there are things that you will miss when you are gone. Find a way to honor those special things. Spend time honouring, leave the complaining for when you're dead. Dead people are the best complainers.

If you can not find gratitude for being alive, no matter how tough it gets, then stop whatever youa r doing and find one second of gratitude for being alive. Find one thing worth living for. Connect to that thing and build upon it.

Be alive, for soon you will be dead. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sacred Writings: Men

It is time for men to heal. I have grown up with a shame of being a male. I had no idea what it was. I was brought down and insulted many times. Men ruined this world, men repressed women, men can not think, multitask, do anything right. I have heard enough!!!!

Culture repressed my for fathers as much as my for mothers. The culture of male dominance made sure the passive men, the gentle men, the peaceful men where repressed. The men who felt, explored, experimented, loved, cried, where feared and made fun of. Not only by other men but by women as well.

Women have been working very hard to helo their repressed wounds. Men need to do the same and in their own way.

I am here to say that it is time to help men heal. It is time to stop insulting men. It is time to let men be free from their burdens of the pasts.


The time has come to move on. The time has come for men to put down the guilt of their ancestors. It was not me that repressed women, it was not me that repressed men. I am not responsible for my ancestors issues.

Men, heal thyself.... do not wait for permission, give yourself permission.

Monday, 12 November 2012


Abundance is sustainable. Abundance is abundant. Abundance is.

If you ever felt the heavy choice of a life of minimalism and integrity or a life of abundance but destructiveness, then find peace int he fact that you can have abundance and it can be sustainable.

Abundance is not something that is for the individual. If one has abundance and others in the community lack in any way then there is truly no abundance. That is greed not abundance. Abundance is when everyone in a community prospers. When everyone has the opportunity to celebrate in the abundance.

I am exploring abundance. I am learning about it. i feared it for a while, now I invite it and share it.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Manly Sex Talk: Awkward Moments are not necessary

Sex is a strange thing sometimes. It is not consistent, nor is it easy. It is not something that is brilliant every time. Even porn stars, the professional sex people, have to take many takes to get it "right".

Awkward is not necessary. Be a professional. Give yourself and your partner a break. Understand that if you cum to early, never cum, if she never cums, if you you bump into each other a lot, move in bed like a drunk elephant then this in normal.

If you hide, cower or run after then you loose. You suck, and not in the good way.

Sexiness is not about being perfect, hell thats boring. Sexiness is about the willingness to learn and improve. Talk to your partner(s) about what happened. Do not accuse the other(s) of anything. Do not accuse yourself of anything.

Find a way to build together.

When I work with a friend to build a wall or repair a roof, we do not accuse each other of failing. We share what we are trying to do and see if we can not work better together. We learn, we plan, we leave our egos at the door and work. Try to approach talking about sex the same way. If you are deeply insecure then work on that away from the conversation of sex. Get the help you deserve.

Sex is work. It is important. It is healthy, very healthy. If you are not having regular sex, with others or with yourself (whatever that means, having sex is different for everyone and not my place to suggest what that actually means, only you can know that), then take a look at why not. Why do you not want to be healthy?

If it is awkward to talk about sex, then look within to see why you want to make it awkward? Is it serving you to be awkward? Is there another way of looking at this situation?

Peaceful, beautiful sex is a lot of work and worth it.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sacred Writings: The Balanced State

I have been trying to understand what to call the balanced state between good and bad, right and wrong, light and darkness.

I believe that duality is not realistic. We have to love and be open to everything in the spectrum of existence. Darkness can not exist without light so both are equally as powerful, important and worthy of my honor. I love and honor God and Satan equally and as part of a whole.

What I have been shown is this middle state, this all encompassing state is what I call Graditudenal State.

One is grateful for everything. One has gratitude for all experiences, all parts of this world. one finds peace, understanding in everything. One is grateful to be a part of this existence.

Gratitude is the true practice of non duality. When one can be grateful for everything in this universe then they are in concert with everything and have found true inner and outer peace.

Try it. Be grateful for everything in your life..... EVERYTHING!!!!

Gratitude is how we exercise complet unity

Friday, 9 November 2012

Witch Doctor House Call: Religion Vs Spirituality

I am a spiritual being. I kinda see everyone as a spiritual being. I am not a religious being.

I see it like, Religion is to NFL football, what Spirituality is to Gardening.

Religion is about appearance, teams (christian, muslim, jewish). Religion is about money, power and who is the right side. Who is going to win. It is about book of plays and making your opponent fearful.    It is a sport.

Spirituality is like gardening. Every garden is unique. One must take tips and tools from everyone they can and everywhere they can.  They have to constantly learn. Ultimately ones garden is their responsibility and must be tended to in their own way. One chooses the plants, species, size and use of the garden. It is a personal practice based on many techniques. It is ever changing, ever evolving and can succeed and fail in an instant. It is a skill that takes practice.

Religion has many gifts and I appreciate them for what they are. I, however, choose to take my spiritual practice seriously, forever learning and growing and realizing that there is one guru, one voice worth listening to, one master.... that is myself.

Same goes for you. You are the master of your spirituality. Empower is the gift of being in your power. Its a great place to be.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sacred Writings: Enough ceremony, get to work!

IT has been my honor to sit through a great deal of ceremonies. Christian, Jewish, First nations, Celtic, Pegan, Shamanic and more. I have seen many levels of ceremony. I am not an expert but I have seen one thing that comes up in EVERY ceremonial style I have seen.

IUt is time to get to work. Enough of the pageantry, the showiness, the fascination with items, style, procedure or process. There is time to honor the elements, the Gods, the spirits, but then it is time to get to work.

How are we helping ourselves, our circles and communities? How are we strengthening our love, our intention, what is our intention of the ceremony? How can we share what we have learned? How can we reach out and help those who are looking for help  How can we physically honor our planet? How can we build a future worth living in for our kids and their kids?

I love banging the drum, signing, praying and sharing in a circle. I love the gift of gathering with others for healing, for honoring  What I struggle with is what to do with this gift, with this energy, with this healing self? How can i share ti with the world?

This is what I have learned from the sacred text that I was gifted. We gather in sacred ceremony for the sake of others, not for ourselves. I heal for you. I love myself so I can love you more. I live my dream so you can live yours. If only you could do the same for me.....

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sacred Writings: 5 Channeling Tips

I have been realising the degree of my channeling as of late. I always thought I had a hightened intuition or a very perceptive eye. What I am realising is that I am channeling spirits, voices, information, whatever it is, it is channeling through me.

So I am learning to channel. I am learning what is my shit and what is coming through me. I am learning what to share with people and what to let go.

Here are a few tips that help me a lot.

1. Breathing. This is essential. When feeling overwhelmed, tired, angry without reason, depressed, whatever, Breath! Take time to breath and let the breath, deep breath, pass through you and over you. Let the air you breath cleanse you, clear you and allow you not to react or attach to the feeling. All feelings will pass.

2. Passing/recurring. After you breath take not of what you are feeling. Let it go. If it comes back again and again then it deserves deeper consideration. If it just passes then it is just clearing through you. DO NOT take on what is not yours!!!!

3. Letting Go.  Your brain is the worst at holding on to things. It wants to understand everything. You are in control of your brain. If it obsesses over something then find a distraction. I like a meditation where I repeat a nice word over and over again. Love or Light or Calm or whatever you like. Close your eyes and repeat it over and over again until your brain stops thinking about what it was obsessing over.

4. Give Time.  Make sure you set aside time to channel. Find a safe, quiet location. Close your eyes, breath and allow the messages to come. Allow yourself to have meetings with yourself. Allow yourself to talk to the voices, feel the colors, the messages, the images. Be present, do not fear. Take notes. Ask the channeled information if it wants to be shared.

5. Pipes. This one helps a lot. I imagine pipes, like plumbing pipes, going through my whole body. When I am feeling distracted by something coming to me and I need to be present in my life, I imagine the pipes aligning and the information flowing through me to the ground. When the info hits the ground it dissipates into the earth. Groundedness

There are more. I will continue to share. Remember, it is not your duty to share everything, understand everything or know what the hell you are doing. It is your duty to follow your dream. As you get closer to your living your dream you will probably channel more shit. Learn to let it be, not distract you and DO NOT take it on!

Imagine the life of your dreams and live it. No one can do what you do. You are the key to everything.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

This too shall pass...

Fuckin' fuck!!!!!


Just a crusty day. No reason, no big deal, just looking to bite someone's head off. Looking to break shit, looking to snap....

But this too shall pass. If I breath, if I do not push these feelings down but choose to release them in controlled levels over the entire day, I should be fine.

Most likely I will be better int he afternoon, back to calm, cheery and balanced. There is a posibility that I will be a full on monster as well.... we will have to wait and see.

Isn't life interesting?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Sacred Writings: What we do best

I am still processing the teaching that the sacred book that was gifted to me is showing me. IT seems rather intense. How does one put a tone or a interpretation on such beautiful teachings?

One such teaching that has come up is do what you do best and let go of the rest.

My heros are those who do what they do and accept that they are not skilled at other things.

I can write, tell stories, interpret strange documents. I can chalenge, push, show people things they are barely ready to see.
I can learn, observe and think. I am a great thinker. I can live in my heart, risk extrem pain for my hearts desire.

I am not a great organizer. It is not my place to build, I can not build. My physical skills are limited. I am not a great painter, sculpture or interior designer. I am not someone who cares for finances, legal ease or social chit chat.

It is my sacred duty to do what I do best and hone that skill to the best I can. It is also my sacred duty to let others do what they do best and surround myself with people whoa re doing what they do best.

You dont even have to describe it. You can just know it, deep within. This is not about your parents, your teachers, your family, your friends. This is not even about you.... this is about all of us. It is the only way humanity will survive, if we do not do what we do then we are doomed. Go, have fun, be free to be yourself. It is all that is asked of you.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Passionate Breathing

I see you fighting me
I see you struggle with my closeness
I see your fight within yourself
Your desire to open
Your desire to give in
Your desire to be seduced by my magic

I see you love me with ever bit as much force as you can love
I see you desire to be free
I see you digesting life with a stronger resolve but a slower result then accepted
I see you
I love you

Saturday, 3 November 2012

My prayer for you the reader....

May the light be bright enough to guide you but not so bright it blinds you
May the darkness offer you solace from the light but not surround you so as you can not find your way.
May you be able to see your own beauty in everything you do and everything you have done
May you recognize the miracle that you are
May you be here
May you be

Friday, 2 November 2012

Witch Doctor House Call: Slowing down time

Be still. Be still and be patient.

Before you close your eyes to sleep every night take the time to honor the day. Not in prayer to a God/Goddess or in meditation but in honor of the day.

Think back to the first thing you remember about your day. Think back to the first tasks you did. You arose, you went to the bathroom, you walked, you washed, you ate, you talked, you made food, you drank water, you stretched, you looked out the window you looked in the mirror. Try to remember as many tasks as you can.

This does two things

1. It helps your memory. It also, in the same vain, slows down time. When time is an illusion. Since it is not real we can manipulate it. You can slow it down by remembering how much you have done. If you move from one task to the other without taking time to honor then we forget the previous task. This remembering helps slow down time by improving our memory

2. IT honors the fucking brilliance we create every day. It is a miracle that we even get out of bed in the morning. It is a miracle that we can stand. This is a working together of thousands of forces to balance ourselves on our feet. Then we add on our daily routine.... seriously amazing. Just because most people can do it, does not make it any less a miracle.

Take time to love yourself, to honor getting out of bed. To honor another day.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Need more free time?

I woke up Saturday morning in my winter cabin in the north to find the cold had froze my car, the generator and my patients. I had some wonderful people visiting and I had not power, no transportation and, well, I had everything I needed. There was plenty of great food and wine, musical instruments, stories, snow shoes, wood for the wood stove, a gas stove and tones of candles. We had blankets on out beds, sun in the sky and time on our hands. We had free time, no cell phones, no internet, no movies, no music, nothing to distract us from being right where we needed to be.

Near the end of the weekend I was in the kitchen just finished making the BEST grilled cheeses in the world (recipe bellow). I was putting everything away and looking at how I organized the kitchen. Robin, one of the magical guests who came to that weekend to visit, was telling me about organizational tools for kitchens. Half way through the conversation I was reminded why I love to keep things organized. I keep my life organized so that I have more free time. If I save 30 seconds not looking for my gloves and another 12 seconds not looking for the spices I need to cook with and another 14 seconds cause I know where the book I was reading is, then I save almost a minute to my free time. It adds up and the stress level decreases when my brain is freed from thinking about where everything is and I do noe need many gloves or books or spices.

Stay organized to free up time to do what you want in your life. Doing what one wants is the whole point of this journey.

Near North Powerless Grilled Cheeses.

Saute onions, mushrooms and half a red pepper till it is almost caramelized and all mushie
Take 3 different kinds of cheeses, slice them thin
Put the saute on a piece of rye bread cut thin
Put the cheese on the saute,
Grill in a cast iron pan SLOWLY, do not rush this, its worth it I swear.
Slice into quarters and serve to your guest
Brilliant, the best grilled cheeses ever.

Manly Sex Talk: I have no idea what I am doing

I would love to hear more people talking about sex. We are so lost in the fear of judgement that we are not sharing the pieces we need to. We need to talk about sex and openly. I spent years learning things that would have taken 5 minutes to know. Women don't tell men, men do not tell women, Men rarely if ever talk about sex. Bragging maybe but not sharing.

I want to know tricks, tips and things to avoid. If I learn something I want to pass it on to my fiends so they can try it.

Can we build a healthy sex life together? Yes, it is simple. Stop fucking judging people sexual choices and start listening. Listen to yourself, talk openly and pray for those who can not let themselves share or that make fun of you. If they can not hear you talk about sex then they probably can not let themselves be  free in their own sexuality.

Dont be one of those unhealthy people who never talk about sex. Be a man, admit your struggles, share your lessons, build a healthy community with others.....