Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Dark Side of the Enlightened ones

Since I was young I always revered the top of the class. I always wanted to meet the pope, the gurus the elders. I wanted to run into every forest with the desire to find a magic person living there that will share with me some pieces of magic that will change my life.  I read books on the subject, biographies and philosophies, wikis and lectures, courses and text books. In the end I had a great idea of what to expect when I met one of these enlightened persons.

I was to meet a strong person, who can almost read minds, give pieces of healing at the exact right time. They can change the flow of a room, make everyone in it feel better. They never get mad or unfair. They offer abundance to all those around them. They are happy and strong and full of life.....

Man have I been disappointed. I have met some brilliant people, very powerful and very respected elders, shamans, priests, medicine people from all over this world. And to my amazement they all still fight against this worlds darkness.

They complain, forget to show appreciation to those who help, they are short, grumpy and tired. Most do not care for their bodies and most do not care for their neighbors. Protocol takes more precedence then action and egos.... lots of them.

Most of these Elders, Shamans and Medicine People have SO much to share with us all and they are doing their absolute best. What I need to remember is that they are human as well. That in the midst of fighting fatigue, financial uncertainty, anger from others and their own limitations they still find the energy and time to offer us their teachings.

The enlightened ones need our help. The more we are all AWAKE them more we can support each other.

The time of the lone wolf is over, it is time for the Community to be built on love.

Buckle up, time to step this thing up

I has been a while since I last wrote here. I am ready once again to start sharing what I have to share. I have a summer of a million memories and more lessons then I can count. I am in love now, not only with myself but with a worldly person, I would say the love of my life. I am ready to take this to the next level and commit fully to my sharing of medicine.

What I would like to say now is get ready. Let me know what you think, pass this on to others and in return I will not hold back. I will not care if I offend you or others, I will honor the truth, well my truth I am not sure there is one truth. All I know if that I am full of beans and ready to explode.

Let me start with a teaser. I will be changing my name. I am not Kevin The Wolf, I am Dreamhawk. This was a gift given to me by the forest here. It was given to me on a vision quest and a name I am struggling with taking on. It is a name that I know I need to carry and one that has much to show me.

I will share all of this, just be ready!!!!!