Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fuck the system spend it all!!!!

OK maybe a little harsh but hear me out. If I got a million dollars I would spend it all. If I earned, was gifted, found, won, inherited a million dollars I would put it ALL to use. I would not invest, save or put it under my mattress. Nope, no stocking, flipping, growing, dividing, mortgaging, lending, nothing. I would spend it all. I would by land, give to the needy and inspired, help people pay off debts, pay for courses and trainings for myself and others, travel, laugh and help others laugh. I would dance, have dances, party, have parties, breath, heal, help others heal, pay for their healing, help healers, over pay for sessions from body workers, enrich my trainings in everything I felt I needed to. Publish books and give them out for free or a charitable donation. I would spend my time helping local organizations get up off the ground in a sustainable manner. I would plant trees, lots of trees, buy canoes for those who do not have them. I would invite a large group of soulful friends on a trip into a secluded natural setting and dance around a fire under the moon light while sharing pains, pleasures and love. I would help the cold get warm and help the warm get cool. I would sing and play every instrument I could get my hands on. I would paint and sculpt and give it all away to anyone who wanted it. I would learn how to build and help others build their homes and lives.

You see I think that investing in banks and bonds and bullshit returns are a BAD investment. You wanna invest in something, invest in yourself and your community. I am not worried about my retirement. I know I will have a community of loving and healthy people around me to help with my elder stage of life. If I worry about the future and how I will take care of myself then I am not enjoying or making the most of this moment.

Fuck the system, spend it all. Build your present moment, experience a strong community and learn how to be healthy with people who are learning how to be healthy. You will be the richest person in the world, even after you burn through the million dollars you had.

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