Wednesday, 30 November 2011

you got to risk...

So the snow has fallen. A whole bunch of snow. So I go for a walk with my trusty dog Anika. When I get to Ponders Pond I find a log to sit on and take in the brilliance the fallen snow has left. Anika decides she is going to head to the almost frozen water and try to rescue a stick that is a few feet from the shore. She braces herself, reached and with every millimeter of stretching she can muster, gets the stick and pulls it out. I thought to myself, man that was a great teaching. Anika was not worried about falling in the water or the cold, she focused on the stick and got it. I guess its like anything worth having, especially love, we need to risk EVERYTHING and not worry about the risk. If Anika had hesitated for a second she would have fallen in. Instead she just did it. So I will enter into my life with more risk.

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