Monday, 5 December 2011

Hope and the Setting Sun part 2

(This is getting tougher to write)

The came a day when Julia could not wait with patience. They had shared so much together, had spent many nights together without making love. They had spent entire days together exploring each other’s lives, dreams and passions. They had traveled the lands in search of adventures. They had gotten lost and had found each other. Julia needed to be held, loved and taken. Julia was becoming ravenous with desire for Cas. Cas was oblivious.
Cas had spent many years trying to avoid physical love. It was very tough for him; Cas was extremely sensitive and broken. He was taught to avoid sex, lovemaking and his inner desires for it was an act full of remorse, disease and unwanted pregnancy. Cas was scared and had limited experience. He knew about Julia’s past, he could not compete with such great lovers. He was happy to have Julia’s companionship but he was not ready to have her body. Cas also had a very sensitive body. One that allowed his extreme pleasure and the ability to pass on extreme pleasure. He had no Idea of how to use this body of his. No training, no teachings, no help.
Like all great love stories there was a break in the road that needed a decisive direction. One side, Julia’s lust or Cas’ fear, needed to give or a compromise needed to be made.  You see love is not enough. Love is enough to start a relationship. Love is enough to heal one. Love is enough to change a relationship. Love alone is not enough to sustain a healthy relationship. A relationship needs work, time, healing, letting go, communication and patience. Love will fuel those demands but it needs the determination to direct it. Love is the fuel in any relationship, not the rudder, nor the captain, not the driver, not the crew. Love will propel you to new heights, new galaxies, and new dimensions. If you do not guide it, check in with where you are going, you will get lost and you will loose loves power.
So the decision was there. One wanting to be loved, one liking the way they where loving already. Words where exchanged, honesty was passed between each other. Risk was taken and time was granted. Julia was in waiting, Cas in deep questioning.
Cas spent a lot of time wandering around the city. He had just moved there and did not know it well.  He would do a lot of thinking while walking the streets of the town. He would often spend 8 hours walking around. You could say it was his full time job. Cas worked weekends where he made just enough to get by. He was a broke man but he often felt very rich.  He spent the next few weeks wondering the city, checking into his heart to see what it felt. Cas Loved Julia, that he know but did he trust himself with her? Did he trust her? Could he let his guards down, show the raw power he felt, have help learning about his undeveloped passions or will it be too much to ask, to much to put on one persons plate? So many questions; he love Julia enough to know that he wanted to be patient and be sure he was not going to get hurt or hurt her.

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