Sunday, 4 December 2011

Witch Doctore House Call 1

I think this will be a new category that I will write about weekly, if not more. I have a lot of medicines, tricks, helpful recipes and easy fixes to many issues that plague our societies. Not all of them will work for every person. Just because one person finds relief from one remedy another with a similar infliction might find it has not use to them at all. I will share you can do what you wish with them.

My first share is Sesame Oil.  It is suggested that regular topical application of sesame oil should mitigate effect of anxiety, nerve and bone disorders and poor circulation. There are claims that its use has relaxing properties which eases pain and muscle spasm, such as sciatica, dysmenorrhoea, colic, backache, and joint pain. Topically it is usefull in treating dry scalps from psoriasis, eczema or other skin ailments. 

I use it all the time. I snort it up my nose using a old, cleaned tincture dropper. It helps with congestion and dryness. I also use it on my scalp to help relieve psoriasis. I use it on my body as a hydrator and as a carrior for essential oils.

It really is a must in all bathrooms. Sesame oil if absolutely fantastic and changed my life.

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