Friday, 2 December 2011

Teeth of Cash?

On my way home tonight, I had an opening. (An opening is where I realize something that is obvious but I repressed for a long time). I recently made a major transition in my life. Ultimately I started a new life. These things do not come cheap. I used almost every resource I had and it was VERY well worth it. Where I was left was with little available financial resources. Then my teeth went. I have weak teeth from drinking WAY to much soda when I was growing up. It take very good care of them now but the damage is done. I have been putting off going to a dentist because I am worried about my financial situation. Then I was on my way home and thought to myself what the?????? When in my human mind did I convince myself that my financial situation is more important then my teeth. Hell, my financial situation is not more important then my tow nails. Somewhere in my heart I had made the deal that certain things where more important then myself. I love my teeth, I need my teeth, I choose to honor my teeth by tending to them, regardless of cost.  I can not believe what a high value I put on my finances. What a crock of crap. Here's my priority, me (including my body, mind, spirit, heart and anything to do with me). I love me.

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