Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tricky Love

WATCH Justin Vernon - I Can't Make You Love Me

Every time I think i have a beat on Love, it shows me how unpredictable it is. Love is not something we can understand or predict. You might love someone tomorrow more then you have ever loved before and not feel a thing the next day. You might be madly in love for 50 years and loose it over night. Love is not a feeling or a constant. It is not something you can describe or show people. You can pretend to know what happens next. Love is the great monkey wrench in the best laid plans. Love is the rebel that makes the world worth being a part of. Love is the great entertainer, the great pusher, the great reminder that we have nothing and never will. If the dark, warm grips of love digs itself into your life, you will have no choice but to have it there, play its game till the end. You can not run, nor hide. You can not shut it down. It will break down any wall you have. You do not wait for love or work to open up to love. Love is there, it always is and always will be.

I have always wanted to hold love, grab it, feel it, freeze it in time, suck it dry of its powers, force it, pretend it is there. I release myself from such endeavors.  I love freely. My love is free to come and go, to dance or sit, to be there or far away. I let my love go.....

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