Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I am alive

I have been stoned. I have been in trances. I have been in love and lost in infatuation. I have felt the deep fluttering and panic of excitement. I have been in the wild, alone, in stillness. I have been surrounded by friends and family. I have been weak, strong, big, small, every emotion under the sun. I have felt much and experienced plenty. I can now tell you I have found my favorite drug. My favorite enhancer of experiencing this world. It is being in the moment.

Sounds a little cheesy, kinda Zen. It really isn't to me. There is no method or rules to being in the moment. Actually if I am following some rules or techniques then I am not in the moment. I do not think I have ever been fully in the moment, I have been close and get closer all the time. All I have to do is let go of control. I stop trying to affect the world around me and accept it for what it is. If I truly believe that everything is perfect then there is nothing I can do to change it either way. This allows me to observe the world around me without prejudice. I am not trying to see something, I am seeing what is there. I am not trying to make it better, or ignore it, I am fully open and accepting of it all.

I am not in this state all the time. I get triggered, I get angry, I get excited, I get ungrounded, I get lost. The state of being int he moment is something I come back to when I get lost or fixated on something.

There is no more amusing drug as being in the moment.

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