Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Oh sweet songs

It snowed here last night. It was a heavy, cover everything in white snow. I call it snow batter. It took me a while to get to work. I am truly honored to be working with the Northern Edge in Northern Ontario. While I was doing my rounds today, cleaning and preparing for the next 2 year shamanism group that is due this weekend, my dear friend Martha comes up to me on her cross country skis. Martha had taken a morning ski into one of the local trails. It was a mild winter day so she was a little flushed and had her winter coat open.

"I got a song" She tells me. I knew what she meant, this happens to me a lot. If I go for a hike or a walk in the forest I usually start humming or singing a song that I never knew before. I usually forget it and just go on with my daily life. Martha wanted to remember this song.

"No problem Martha, I am a witness"  Sometimes a witness is all you need to bring something from your imagination to reality.

Martha closed her eyes and started to sing. There are a very few times in my life that I am truly in the moment. It takes something magical, special and unexpected to really get me to let go of everything and be present. Martha's song was one of those moments. It is not my song to share, I will let her do that, but it was a song from the heart. For the few minutes as Martha sang the forest stopped making noise, the snow settled, the wind died down and there was this beautiful friend in front of me singing this brilliant song and allowing me to be a witness.

I am truly blessed.

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