Monday, 28 May 2012

The secret of magic...

I love magic. I really do. not only tricks but magic that is seemingly unexplainable. I have seen things that I can not explain, miracles if you will. Here are my thoughts on such things and mys ecret on how to create magic in your life.

1. Just cause you know the trick, does not mean it is not magic. Actually all magic has a "trick" to it. You can go to a Guru high up in a mountain, who knows how to levitate. You can see the magic in his floating in the air. You can then spend your life learning what the Guru has to share and quite possibly levitate yourself. Once you learn how to levitate you realize that it does not seem like magic anymore. Magic is perspective. It is how you present reality.

2. Magic does not defy laws and norms, it works with them. Every great magician works with gravity, sight, sound, and human behavior. It is a co-production or a co-creation. Just like EVERYTHING in life you can work with the forces of the universe to co-create magic or you can work against it to create pain and suffering. Your choice, although I think it is rather obvious which one I lean towards.

3. Magic makes the world go round. It makes me laugh, smile, giggle. You can understand how a trick is done or how someone has accomplished something but the fact that magic is alive and there means that the magician and the audience are having fun. Truly one of the greatests gifts of being human is having fun.

To summarize, It is not what you know, it is what you do with what you know that makes magic, and how you do it. It is not breaking laws, it is working with what you got. It is not to trick another but to entertain and inspire.

I love magic.....

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