Thursday, 15 November 2012

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In the late spring of 2000 I gave away most of my possessions packed a bag and hitch hiked around this country of ours. I spent 4 months on the road. I literally followed the wind for a while. It was such a brilliant experience. A gift of time that was all mine. I can only dream of such a fantastic time for everyone I know.

I spent a lot of time communing with spirit. My spirit guides where strong, their voices clear, my intention was obvious. What I was being called to do, above all else in my life, was to write and share some sacred teachings I had been shown. One problem, I had not idea how to write.

I could spell and construct a sentence. I could write a short story that would give me a passing grade in my English class. I could write, I just could not write like I wanted to. I did not know my voice, i did not know how to construct a story that I would want to tell. I did not know how to share what I had been shown. So I spent time learning how to write.

I am not an expert at grammer, nor am I naturally skilled at the English language. I do not like this language it is very limiting. I try to explain things the best I can but truly not the best language to use. Alas, it is what I got.

Now I write everyday and I have had two things happen to me lately.

  1. In a profound journey, late at night, last week, I was taken to a grand hall surrounded by spirits. At the far end of the hall was three great spirits, i did not recognize them except for their glowing presence. I walked to the end of the hall and was presented with a book. I was told by one of the spirits that I was to decipher this book and share it with all who wer willing to listen. The hall burst into light , warm white light and I was taken softly to my sacred tree where I was to read the book one page at a time.
  2. My blog, which I have been writing in for the past year, has been taking off. A great deal of interest more then before. I only get 30-40 hits a day but that is a lot considering I do not do much advertising or facebooking for it. It is now getting more hits then ever and 
    everyday it gets bigger.

So i decided to write the sacred text in my blog. It is a start to the translation. I still need to understand it more. I am using my Sacred Writings heading as a way to capture some of the pieces of the translations.

I am to write and I am to share something. Ultimately I have been called to share how to make Peace. There is a war upon us. There is a great battle coming. I truly thing that we have a way of stopping the war. It requires us to be peaceful with ourselves and everyone we meet. If we resonate peace then we can hold off the war and make profound change in this world.

Peace is a warrior task. It is not easy. One will get hurt and tired and bruised. We have to work together, put our petty differences aside. We have to close the gaps.

Please let me know what you think. I love the perspectives of others.

Email me at I will answer any and all questions and I will take on researching and offering perspectives on any subject. 

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