Monday, 5 November 2012

Sacred Writings: What we do best

I am still processing the teaching that the sacred book that was gifted to me is showing me. IT seems rather intense. How does one put a tone or a interpretation on such beautiful teachings?

One such teaching that has come up is do what you do best and let go of the rest.

My heros are those who do what they do and accept that they are not skilled at other things.

I can write, tell stories, interpret strange documents. I can chalenge, push, show people things they are barely ready to see.
I can learn, observe and think. I am a great thinker. I can live in my heart, risk extrem pain for my hearts desire.

I am not a great organizer. It is not my place to build, I can not build. My physical skills are limited. I am not a great painter, sculpture or interior designer. I am not someone who cares for finances, legal ease or social chit chat.

It is my sacred duty to do what I do best and hone that skill to the best I can. It is also my sacred duty to let others do what they do best and surround myself with people whoa re doing what they do best.

You dont even have to describe it. You can just know it, deep within. This is not about your parents, your teachers, your family, your friends. This is not even about you.... this is about all of us. It is the only way humanity will survive, if we do not do what we do then we are doomed. Go, have fun, be free to be yourself. It is all that is asked of you.

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