Sunday, 18 November 2012

Toughest lesson of my life

THe power of detachment is incredible. One can change everything, heal deeply, empower instantly if they practise detachment.

Detachment is not about not caring. It is the act of caring about a person or situation but not caring about what the person thinks of you. You can observe without judgement, you can share without worry of what they will think or say, you can see what those to close to the situation can not see.

The really difficult part of detachment to me is being detached in my community.

It is easy to walk into a situation having no attachment to the results, lets say an argument between strangers, and offer help. Maybe a thoughtful word, a conversation changing question, a perspective.

It is rather tough to do the same in your own conversations.

I have travelled my entire life. Changing communities ever few years. I was always seen as a genius when I came to the community and ignored when I left. This is because I was detached at the beginning while being to involved int he end.

The toughest thing I have ever learned is to be present in my community while being detached. Being fully in love with my community whole being able to see clearly.

I commit to learning how to do this every day of my life.

Cause I a home now, no need to keep running.

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