Sunday, 6 January 2013

Just because I am male does not mean you can treat me like shit....

Enough with the male bashing. Stop it!!! Can you not see that the young males of this world are struggling. They are wounded and beaten and tired. They have little to no direction. The Young Males are in trouble and all most can do is alienate them.

WE need help, love compassion and understanding, more now then ever. Our for fathers repressed women and themselves. They left us little to no heritage worth shit. We are untrained, unprepared for this world.

Have a look at yourself, your brothers, your sons. Have a look at your neighbors, the young males walking down the street. Ask yourself, am I judging them? Afraid of them?

Young males need love right now. They need to know they can be trusted, part of their community.


  1. I'm a young, gay male and have had nothing but love and compassion from my family and friends. I don't think males get treated any worse than females, not from my experience.

    1. Thank You for sharing. It is a pleasure to hear that others have had an easier time. My expression for this piece was of inner pain. Youre sharing helps change that. Thank You