Friday, 12 April 2013

Crazy Time Call for Crazy Action

I am still writing new blogs. I have them posted on my website. Have a look. Here is my most recent.....

It's getting interesting out there aint it?
Seems like every where I turn someone is telling me of a really tough winter they have had. Strange things are happening and at a greater pace. It is getting crazy out there.

Well crazy times call fro crazy actions. How about we take this time to love our neighbors.

Forgive our families.

Let go of our fears

Shift to see the world as a good place.

Let us do something crazy and re-write this crazy dream. Turn it into a place where we can all rebuild together with the purpose of creating a prosperous, sustainable and loving culture.

Let us repaint this picture so that it is beautiful, and something we are all proud of.

Lets surprise ourselves and change the focus of our day from survival and worry to a culture of love and acceptance.
nt it?

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