Monday, 6 May 2013

I am a wimp....

I admit it, and I am proud of it, I am a wimp.

I choose to use my head instead of my force to make change

I choose to use my heart instead of my fists to defend an attack

I choose to sing in place of yell

I choose to listen, to forgive, to understand, to care, to dance, to play, to move on in place of anger, control and dominance.

I choose to not use your weaknesses against you.

I choose to stand tall and strong and thank you for the teachings in place of blaming you for my pain

I am a wimp. I do not agree to violence in any manner.

This does not mean I let people walk all over me. Those who wish to be mean, hurtful, un trustworthy, deceitful, they get my appreciation for the teachings they bestow then they get to see me pass and move on in my life.

I choose to not let people control me through love not force.

I choose to move on, not seek revenge

I choose to not blame anyone for my place in life

I am a wimp according to some, but I dare those who use force to try the path of love. Its really tough and requires strength that force will never carry.

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