Sunday, 12 May 2013

Seeing Red

I have heard it said that there is a deep anger inside of me.

Well, that is right.

I am fuckin mad!

I am pissed at how we are all treating each other.

Seriously cold shit going on. Killing, stealing, name calling, lying, cheating, bullying. It is so bad that the economic model we all worship is supporting those traits by paying CEOs millions for doing this to us all.

I am pissed that we are not loving our neighbors more. Genuine caring for ourselves. Open sharing and healing and forgiving.

I am pissed that we are sold poison and told it is food.

I am pissed that we are trained to give away our power, as a young child, to authorities we have not met, nor do we have say in their mandate.

"It's the law!" They say and we are supposed to roll over and take it any way they give it to us.

I am pissed that someone can come and kick me out of my house, kick my family out of my house if I dont pay bills. Money is more important then my families health....

I am pissed that we lie to ourselves ever day, all the time.

I am pissed that we have not gotten together and created technology that frees us up so that we can create more music, more art, more laughter.

I am pissed that I have a reason to be pissed.

I am pissed that others are not as pissed.

Lets change this shit to something better. Something where Love is more important then anything else. That our communities are healthy and strong and flourishing.

We can only do that if we slowly stop doing what we do not like and start to do more of what your heart wants.

Be free to love life, love yourself and love others.

Build the life you want.

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