Saturday, 11 May 2013

Soulful Repossession

I hereby renounce all my religious and spiritual practices.

I am not a shaman or a shamanic practitioner.

I am not a Christian or a Buddhist or a Taoist

I am not a Meditator or a Alternative Medicine Practitioner or a healer.

I am Kevin Alexander and proud of it.

Every spiritual practice and religion has and will for evermore gift me with healings.

I do not need to stand on a soap box and claim my participation in one belief over another.

I do not need to choose based on fear or convenience or comfort.

I allow myself to believe as I see fit for myself. I trust in my inner wisdom.

It is time though to be myself and honor my beliefs and stand in my power.

It is time to release all and any judgements of others, especially myself.

It is time that I pursue my own spiritual practice and trust in myself.

My religion and spiritual practice is learning how to not judge others, not matter what they do.

My religion and spiritual practice is to not judge myself no matter what I do.

I work and live in love, that is enough to know that my actions are the best they can be. 

This is a practice that does not require forgiveness or understanding.

It requires faith, that everything is just perfect. That everyone and everything is right where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Is is a practice in acceptance of the world around me. I can not change others, or circumstances.

I can only take responsibility for my own actions. 

I take my life seriously. I enjoy it tremendously. I love it fully.

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