Monday, 26 December 2011

Enlightenment thoughts....

The Buddha, in my humble opinion, was not someone special. He did not have magical powers or come from a fantastic creationary birth or mythical beginning. The Buddha was a man who took the time to think, sit, fast and wait. Upon time passing he remembered something.  In my opinion, he remembered that everything is just perfect. That the divine energy/spirit/goddess/whateveryouwanttocallit is in everything at all times, including ourselves.

That's the big secret of enlightenment, everything is made from the divine. Everything is perfect.

Breath and let go of your worries for a second. It feels good and it helps.

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  1. I totally agree with you Kevin! It is something we can all do too. A peaceful life consists of having a childlike wonder about everything we see and do. The novel I have written is all about a man attempting to regain that wonder. We can all do it mate! You are so right!

    Just want to thank you for writing such a beautifully succinct peace. A wonderful start to the day! (yes, I know it's nearly 11am!)