Monday, 26 December 2011

Witch Doctor House Call 6 (Three pillars of medicine)

When I was 20 years old I decided that I needed to hitch hike across Canada. This was not an adventurous decision but more one of a calling. I had to d0 this, it was not so much a choice but an inner command. A command that came from the deep hidden recces' of my heart. So deep inside that it was unfamiliar to myself. It took me a while to recognize that it was my true voice.

After many weeks on the road, I was given a gift. In a waking dream I was passed a message of the three pillars of medicine. I will write more about these pillars in detail on other posts. For now I just want to share. NOW VERY IMPORTANT!!! These are MY pillars of medicine. It works for me. It took me years of preparation and months of rigorous introspection to discover them. They might work for you, they might be useless. I am sharing this because I want to, not to train or convince anyone of there valor.

The three pillars of Medicine are Simplicity, Purity and Truth. These three words are how I search, seek and find my medicine. They are what drive my decisions. I would not be alive without them. Whenever I come to a situation of dis health (like physical illness or injury, feeling lost, lack of life desire, confusion, obsessiveness,  giving away of my power etc), I take the three pillars into my heart and start to do work. I ask questions like, how can I make this as simple a problem as possible? How am I complicating this situation? What is the purest form of relief from this ailment? How much do I know about this medicine? How true or reliable are the sources?

Upon these pillars I create a plan to get back to health.

Imagination is truly the purest and simplest form of medicine in the universe.

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