Monday, 12 December 2011

I am fragile

I realized today that I am fragile. Well, I always knew that, it's just today I admitted it to myself. I can be the strongest person in the room if need be but the truth is that I am broken and trying to put myself back together. I think everyone I meet is like that. It's part of being human I guess. As we wonder threw this life in search of answers, comfort, love and understanding we are all disappointed and hurt.

I also know that if I stay in that place of being worried about being hurt or broken again then I will never experience the brilliance of kindness and love from a unsuspecting place or person. THe risk I take is to be fragile and still put myself out there. I can be battered and bruised but I will not be defeated. My warrior energy will be used to keep getting up not matter how hard I am hit, no matter how much i want to stay down, no matter what happens.

I give myself full permission to be a crumbled emotional mess of a man. I give myself no permission to let it stop me from being me. I choose to do this by letting everyone and anyone know of my wounds and pains. Not by complaining but by warring it as proudly as I wear any emotion. I choose to be both as strong as I can be and as weak as I am, and I choose to keep opening up to experience more.

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