Monday, 12 December 2011

Fight, Fight

I got the honor of participating in a battle royal last night. In one corner wearing his blue pajamas was the tired and sore Kevin The Wolf. In the other corner was the slightly bent and well meaning Night of Restlessness.

I believe this is how it all went down. Kevin came out yawning with an upper cut stretch. Night of Restlessness came in with a surprise reminder of a forgotten traumatic memory. Kevin responded with a deep breath and some active meditation. Night of Restlessness coward in the corner to trick Kevin into thinking he had a chance. Night of Restlessness waited for Kevin to drop his guard and came in with an upper cut of financial stress and a few jabs of car troubles and work stress. Kevin being alerted to the loosing battle got right up from his trying slumber and walked it off.

Round Two consisted of various forms of light sleep followed by wakings by Night of Restlessness. Apparently Night of Restlessness had a tag team partner. When all seemed quite and ready for sleep, the Twisted Covers would sweep in and entangle Kevin The Wolf in an uncomfortable position. Kevin would respond with the never effective kicking the covers straight then got up straightened the covers and got back into bed in time for Night of Restlessness to return with a few head buts of worthless worries.

The irony is that eventually Kevin The Wolf got the upper hand. Straightened all the covers, calmed the mind, fell asleep for a very short nap only to be power slammed by the Morning Alarm Clock of Death.

Kevin thus gave up and left the night to its own sadist battles and watched the sunrise.

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