Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Manly Sex Talk II

So apparently people, especially men, actually want to talk about sex in a real and honest way. At least that is what I took from the response from my last post.  So where to begin. I am no expert in sex or male sex. I have not had many partners, I do not have many wild fantasies, I have not taken many courses. What I do offer is an honest perspective. From a males point of view, I can be honest and open and start to share. Maybe other males can share in return or feel more comfortable sharing. Maybe I can learn how to share better as well.

So I have had a few responses about not thinking of gender as being important. I actually believe that there are differences between the sexes and their ideas of sex. I wish to empower my male friends and brothers and speak to them. Women are certainly invited to participate and encourage us males and myself however they seem fit.

So here is what I have to share. I want to start by one of my pet peeves. I love sex, yep that is obvious. I do not crave it deeply. I can go long times without it. I crave good, connected, loving, intimate sex. I do not care to much for just getting off with someone else. I like a good fuck every once and a while, I just don't look for it. I can get off myself and it is way less work. Males are taught that they have to be sex machines and want it and be ready for it at any time. I beg to differ. It takes a lot to produce sperm and there is a lot of energy put out in having sex at least good sex. If it is just a physical need then why put that much effort into it.  I love it when I feel vulnerable and the other person feels vulnerable. I get off on that so hard. When it's, I know what I am doing and you know what you are doing and so we just doing it, I get bored.

I wonder how many males just think they should always want it and just get it up to perpetuate that myth? I wonder if it is a myth and I am just the unique one? I don't really care. I care that I am sharing something that is true and honest about my sexuality.

If anyone else wishes to share and wants me to post it, you can get my email from the bar on the right of your screen. If you just want to share with me then I am  all ears.

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