Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The sweet feeling of nothingness

So for this quick moment in my day I feel nothing. I try to capture this elusive beast using some words and slight of hand action. I am not tired, nor am I energized. I am not worried, nor am I excited. I have little to say or fight against. It is quiet, slow and simple here. There is a rain waiting to fall, snow ready to melt, sun ready to fade. The lights are on but not completely needed. The darkness is creaping in on the light and winning the slow battle.

When your world shifts and you hold on to whatever was keeping you going before the shift, there is this moment of stillness where everything aligns. The communities surrounding the Bay of Fundy know this all too well. With the largest tides in the world, when the tides shift there is this pause. The birds stop signing, the wind stops moving, the air stands still. It is both peaceful and uncomfortable.

We are always moving, working, trying, running, sleeping, catching up or keeping up. THe peace that exists in the in between shakes our concept of normalacy. THe still water makes us look for the approaching storm. THe thing I realised is that there will always be more approaching storms, more blowing winds, more change, more work. The silence is the dream time, the peaceful repose, the break from the old ways.

Have you ever felt that pause? Do you know it? Have would you describe it?

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