Sunday, 18 December 2011

Moving alone and with little

Recently I changed address. No down the street or across town, nope, I moved far away. I have been transient for the past 15 years of my life. Packin' up and movin' whenever the wind of change came a rollin' in. I wanted to explore, see the world, try new things, meet new people. I did all that and some.

My new home is different. I have been invited into a community. There is openness here. There is an abundance of riches. It is not paradise, eden or a utopia. It is what it is and people love this land. There is a fight for the community and an acceptance of where it is at. There are so many people who work for far less here and still make do.

I am starting to see that this stop is not a short one. When the winds of change come a calling I will take shelter till the winds change. This is where I take a stand and say, "this is my home." what a scary thought, no escaping, no running, no hiding. I am truly ready to face my fears. I'm I deserving of such a beautiful home? I guess I am.

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