Friday, 9 December 2011

Trying to find peace with death

When I was a teenager I went to over a dozen funerals including my mothers. I vowed, in some deep part of me, that I had had it with death. It was too tough, too sad, too draining to watch other people die. When I got even a hint that someone was not well I would unconsciously run or hide. I think it came down to the fact that I had no idea how to process the feelings I had when people died.

In my perspective, our culture really takes the fear of death to an extreme. We hid it, we do not talk about it, we see it as a bad thing. Funny how something that is inevitable is seen as a bad thing. You would think that since we can not escape death we would embrace it or learn to appreciate it. Death can be a gift, an opportunity, an opening.  I am learning that Death is a beautiful transformation for the dying and the living alike.

I do not want to be afraid of death, that would like being afraid of breathing or afraid of gravity. It is here, it is not going away, I will die one day, why not learn from it and treat it as a friend.

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