Friday, 9 December 2011

Witch Doctor House Call 3

My favorite company by far is an essential oil importer called Union Nature that imports and bottles essential oils called Devine Essence. The founder, Antoine Rigault is one of my business mentors.

"In 1994, I created UNION NATURE with the mission to import to Canada, under the trademark of "Divine Essence", the finest certified organic essential oils and floral waters from the four corners of the globe. I still travel the world seeking small artisan producers to bring you these wonderful olfactory treasures"

Essential oils are powerful, transformative and subtle medicine. The issue I have with them is that essential oils are delicate and require care from every level of its production. You can not mass produce these things. Antoine has committed to discovering the best oils, from farm to bottle and every step in between. He has turned down profit many times in order to keep integrity.

Good medicine is not about the ingredient alone. It is about the intention, the care, the love the passion that has gone into EVERY step that product takes to get to you.

My advice is to not price shop for Medicine. Do not compromise ANYTHING when it comes to your health. Find what you need, find the right source, find a way to work it into your budget. It is not easy, but commitment to the highest level of self care is truly powerful Medicine.

The most powerful Medicines in the universe come from our imaginations.

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