Monday, 5 December 2011

Winter regressions

Winter is upon us. The cold night air creeps through my windows. The layers of clothing protect me from the cold and from exposing myself. It is this time of year that I want to rest, read and write. I want to go for long walks under the moon light. I want to sleep later then before. I want to catch up on my research. It is tough for me to be extroverted this time of year. Really I think I am more fragile. I feel so exposed and opened. I am going back to basics now. I breath and meditate every night. I walk slowly and move slowly. I eat well but light. I read challenging books about topics I know little about. I fall in love with myself. And when the sun comes up around spring time, I will be ready for its warm light. I will go and make plenty of new friends and adventures. For now I slow as the wolf slows in the winter.

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