Friday, 16 December 2011

Witch Doctor House Call 5

I am a restless, angry sole having trouble dealing with the way I want to live in this culture and the choices my culture offers me on how I can live. I am learning to free myself from the addiction to systems and experts that has been reinforced upon me from childhood. I see now how I have been encouraged to remain addicted to the systems that are in place to prop up the fiction of experts.

I understand that there are certain people who have more experience and training in certain fields then I do. What I also realise is that they are no more an expert when it comes to my health and well being then I am. My mental, emotional, physical states and concerns are a condition of many factors that any expert can not take into account. I am unique and have a unique story and have a unique history. No one in the history of this planet has or ever will have the same conditions and perspectives as me. This is also true for you and everyone.

I choose to see experts as those who have access to more information and techniques then I do in a given field. I can consult with those experts to better understand my own condition. I do not and will never defer my personal power to any expert in any situation. I will learn and be open to perspectives, especially from those who have something worth sharing.

I do not need a system to keep me alive. I need a community, self trust and the most important skill I know, the skill of how to learn and adapt. If you are ever looking for an expert, take a bit of time and consult with yourself, then ask your trusted circle/community, then go back to yourself. I bet you find a lot of help just in that process.

Imagination is the most powerful medicine in the world.

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