Friday, 23 December 2011

Witch Doctor House Call 6 (Comfort and Convinience)

SO I have shared some great medicines that I have experienced in my life. I have been reminded that it is also important to share something that I have found as bad medicine or dangerous medicine. I really do not think that anything is bad, somethings are just VERY dangerous.

COMFORT - One of the most sinister and addictive of all medicines. There are great benefits and healings from comfort. When one is damaged, hurt, lost, scared, panic, traumatized, comfort can be of great importance and necessity. But when one is not in those states, comfort can be a tough drug to kick. One that limits our growth, keeps us from going out into the world, exploring ourselves and our limits. It is something that leads to slothfulness, stopping and stagnancy. Stagnancy is the root of most of our medical issues. When one becomes stagnant (stops growing, moving, changing, healing, exercising etc.) one opens themselves up to a whole host of issues and conditions. One has to keep challenging themselves, asking tough questions, adventuring, risking, playing, moving. Take a look at your life. Find something that you find comfort in. Is it helping you or keeping you back? It is a tough drug to kick and painful one. We all love comfort, thus the dependence.

CONVENIENCE- It is nice to have things close at hand. It is also nice to have things that are predictable. It is not something that allows one to expand, experience, open and live. We base to many decisions in our life on the basis of familiarity or proximity. WE live close to stuff we really do not need, we stay in relationships that really do not serve us, we rarely travel outside our safety zone. Convenience is coddles our fears and leaves us at its mercy. It is nice to have some degree of convenience but not the abundance that we have at our disposal.

I know we can kick these two habits. I am here to tell you that you do not need to worry. If you find yourself opening to new things and you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, go! There are plenty of loving people on the way that will hep you and guide you until you feel ready to guide yourself. There are plenty of comforts and conveniences along the way to help out, just not enought o become dependant upon.

The only thing worth creating dependence on is self love.

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