Friday, 23 December 2011

Everything is Just Perfect

I am working on this theory that everything is just perfect. I mean if you took the universe in its entirety it would be perfectly balanced at all times. Its an interesting concept that I have been feeling my way through and talking about for a few years now. I am just at the point where I am starting to share it with people.

Think about it for a bit. Every worry and fear one has is not really needed. If everything is perfect then there is no need to panic. All we have to do is to live and recognize that perfection in whatever way we deem fit. I know it is not that easy, just to let go of fear and worry but it is something that is worth doing. Do we really need to hold onto anything? Is letting go a skill that needs practice and patience developing? Is it noble work to be someone who works on recognizing their limitations, insecurities, fears and worries and then work on learn how to let them go? Are you called to do this type of work? Are you up for what you might find?

The most fascinating part of my research on the theory the Everything is Just Perfect, is that I have found that the universe in its entirety is in each person. We are all a reflection of the universe. So does this mean that we are all perfect? Are you perfect? I am starting to believe you, me, everyone is perfect, everything is perfect.

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