Sunday, 1 January 2012

Be Kind To Yourself

Someone asked me what self honor is. I can not explain something like that in a quick blog post so I am going to come back to this question a few times. I want to start by saying that I know how to honor myself, or at least I am learning how to. I am no expert, just sharing what I have expereinced.

Be kind to yourself. Shit, we all make mistakes, we all let ourselves and others down. We all piss people off. We all hurt ourselves and others. Everyone has traits and habits and behaviors they do not like in themselves. Be kind. Give yourself permission to be a work in progress. Forgive yourself first and above all else. Say nice things to yourself. Be gentile with your shadows/insecurities.

It is not a great world to be a part of if everyone is hard on themselves. I find the greatest way to honor yourself is to give yourself permission to be you, in all your brilliance and struggles. I find inspiration in the people who accept their insecurities, flaws, weaknesses, pains, triggers, whatever.

Be kind to yourself this year.

"There is nothing to fear within yourself"

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  1. Lovely thoughts Kevin. Something I have learned to do over the last few months. It's about slowing things down I think, noticing the magic that is within us and around us. It's bloody enlightening once you start!