Friday, 30 December 2011

Witch Doctor House Call (Angry Heart)

My heart holds so much anger. Its not something I carry with pride. I actually hide it well. I do work hard at letting it go and finding forgiveness. Sometimes anger seems to collect faster then I can get rid of it. My heart it has been beaten many times. I know I can not truly love myself or another if I hold onto this anger. I have much to learn about how to trust people and let go of my anger. I am not a particularly trusting person. It takes me a long time to trust someone, mostly cause I carry the wounds with me from times I gave away my power and did not honor myself. That is it I guess. I am trying to learn how to honor myself. If I can truly honor myself then I can probably let go of the anger, actually if I honor myself there will be no need for the anger.

So the cure for my anger is self honor. Makes sense to me.

Imagination is the greatest of all medicines.

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  1. Hey Kevin, I followed you here from AW. :) I struggle with anger also. I call it the Dragon in the Basement, because I struggle to release it, but it is a struggle to hold it in! writer to another...what does "self honor" mean to you?