Monday, 9 January 2012

I am not sorry...

I might be bold, a little too bold at times. I might come across as harsh, hard, egocentric. I might even offend you. I might piss y’all right off. I might even, if you are lucky, deeply disturb some of you.
Well… here is my non apology.  Apologies are sooooooo missued. Probably the most misused thing I know. Come on people, we say sorry for every little thing. How fucking rude!!!!! There are VERY few things that require an apology in my opinion. I can only think of 2 things.
1.     An act of intentional harm
2.     An act of extreme negligence and arrogance.
3.     That’s it…
All this “I’m sorry” for every little miss step, bump into, slight misuse of the voice, body or for nothing at all. We even apologize for stuff we had no interaction with. When I tell people I lost my mother when I was 17 to cancer they almost always say “I’m so sorry to hear that” I have no clue what they are apologizing for.
I honor and respect apologies as integral and essential medicine for living in a society of peace and honor. In an enlightened culture we do not give away our power by apologizing all the time.  We apologize as a sacred act. Something we are truly sorry for doing, we make amends and learn our lessons. We do not say sorry for things that we are not truly sorry for. This is one of the first steps I know in regaining our inner power and loving ourselves, WE STOP SAYING SORRY FOR EVERY LITTLE THING WE DO!

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