Thursday, 5 January 2012

HEY YOU!!!!!! Be Still

Oh boy people. I am getting inspired. I can feel the second wave of crazy words, rantings and gifts. I have no deep messagees, foolish sharings and profound nonsence to bestow upon anyone. You can come to my blog, you can read, you can comment but can you honestly say that there is any reason for any of this? Are you looking to me for any anwers? Are you even looking for answers?

Be still. Be still in your minds. There are no answers. There are infinate questions and every answer leasds to more questions. It is a cycle of distraction that misses the point all together. Be still.

THere is nothing to search for, nothing to be, nothing to change, nothing to do. There is no God, no Goddess, no punishment, no life after death, no life before death, no time travel, no aliens. There is now. There is the sweet nectar of stillness, of pausing, of stopping. There is the undeniable essence of perfection all around you right now. In the glow of the computer screen, the smell of the room, the sounds that fill your ears. There is nothing better then this moment. There is nothing found here that is not found anywhere else. It is all in front of you, around you, in you. It is the beating of your heart, the sound of your breath, the feeling of air pass through your lungs.

If you are reading this you are missing it. Go out and be still.

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