Thursday, 5 January 2012

My 2011 resolutions revealed

I have been taking this course from the Northern Edge. It is a 2 year adventure into self discovery and community building.  Last year they asked me to put together a 2011 New Years dream list. I did and I think I did very well. I am in better shape, I love my job, I am on track to be debt free this year, I have a ton of friends and my family is a great part of my life once again. A truly magical year.

Dream List 2011
The universe supports us as we take the time to be clear on our intentions.  I invite you to take some time to dig within and discover your dreams.
1.    What would I like to have happen in my life this year? Stable Career goals
2.    What would I like to do – things I want to accomplish? I want to be in better physical shape
3.    What areas of growth would I like to focus on? Self Discipline in meditation
4.    What beliefs or attitudes would I like to change? That I am alone and The world is bad
5.    What problems would I like to see resolved? Family relationships
6.    What decisions would I like to make? Where to live, what to do for $
7.    Where/how can I be of service to others?  The planet? Involved in Community
8.    What would I like to do in a new way? Personal care
9.    What didn’t work well in my life this year that I would like to change? Finances, change it by being more disciplined and allert
10.    What did work well in my life that I would like to continue? Spiritual advancement, continue to keep on keeping on

My Action Plan
From the Dream List choose 3 goals/dreams that are the most important to you right now.  Write them as though they are happening NOW!
1.    First Goal: Physical Condition needs to improve
Make a weekly plan with a trainer at the YMCA to get into better shape
2.    Second Goal: Career and life planing
Spend time communing with the spirits and journeying to develop a written plan
 3.    Third Goal: Connect with people and Family
Continue to make efforts to connect with family and put myself out there with cvolunteering and commitments.

Cleaning the Closet
Before starting new projects in our lives, it is important to make room for them.  Consider these questions:
1.    Is there anything that is depleting me that no longer serves me? YES, being a protected child and being alone
2.    Is there anything I need to let go of? The past, atleast the amount of time I spend thinking and reacting about it
3.    Do I need to forgive someone in my life or myself? Yes my Father.

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