Thursday, 26 January 2012

Music, writing, poetry, painting, what else?

So my creative constipation is over. I am fully engaging my creative side. I have my writing on this blog, I have 2 children stories, I have an album I recorded and I have several paintings including the one o n the top of this post. I love to create, I love to problem solve and find solutions. I love to be around others who love to create, who make the space in their life to create. I still have much to learn and I want to figure out how I can monatize my crestivity without compromising its integrity, not an easy task.

Any suggestions? How can one make money doing art and not compromise their work?

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Kevin The Wolf


  1. Hello! I'm new to your blog from the critique blogfest, and I'm happy to meet you!

    Wonderful picture! I think first and foremost you must follow your creative energy and not hope or plan for monetary benefit from it. Earn your money somewhere else. If you happen to earn money from your creative energy - - then it will be a glorious unexpected blessing.

    As far as the blog critique goes: I love your background. I would like to see a short bio right next to your picture rather than needing to click something else. And, I'd like to see an indication of your intended posting schedule.

  2. Hi, I'm popping over from he blog fest, too. This is one lovely looking blog. Like Margo, I love the Yggdrasil(?) image. is that one of yours?

    I'm a writer and a poet. I just write what I want, make sure to sub it, and if the money comes, it comes. Subbing is very important. You can't get paid if you don't submit.


  3. I assume that's your painting? It's gorgeous!

    You sound a bit like me - I'm a writer, fine artist and musician. :)

    And yes, I too found you via the blog critique thingy. :)

    1. Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

      1. I like the background.

      2. I like how the popular posts on the sidebar has text from the post. It quickly draws me in.

      3. I love your Manly Sex Talks. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed it. I don't get the chance to talk to many men about their ideas on sex, and I was immediately compelled to hear what you had to say. I'll have to come back and read all of them later.

      4. Your paragraphs go on a little long and could be broken up.

      5. You deserve more followers than you have. You should spread the word about yourself.

      6. What's a Witch Doctor House Call? Not knowing makes me not want to click on it.

      I hope some of this was helpful!

  4. Came hear via the critique-my-blog blogfest. I LOVE the look of your blog, and I am struck by the consistency between your look, your voice, your overall focus - a kind of contemplative, reflective, poetic, deeper perspective on things. I would suggest that, even when you are engaging in that type of introspective reflection, find ways to open it out more to your audience, rather than focusing quite so much on "I." I'm not sure if I'm being clear. I think of Rainier Maria Rilke's LETTERS TO A YOUNG POET as a good example of this similarly poetic and contemplative tone but with a sense of engagement and conversation with the reader.

  5. Oh, man! Can't believe my silly typo at the start of my previous comment. Sheesh! Guess I'm more tired than I thought.

  6. I'm also here thanks to Taralyn's Critique Blogfest. You're obviously a creative guy and I can relate to that. I'm a former professional illustrator and art instructor and now I'm devoted to writing. Stop by Chubby Chatterbox sometime. It would be fun to chat with you.

  7. I like the layout of your blog. I would like it if you added a few words to your bio instead of making me click to read it. I prefer to see someone’s bio before committing to follow a blog so perhaps you can move your bio to the top. The blurb in your header is a bit long perhaps you could shorten it (state the main point(s) ). The painting above is beautiful.

    As far as making money as an artist well...being an artist can be tough. I write because I love it and yes I want to make money, but I’ll continue to write even if I never see a penny. So I say stay true to your work. But...I freelance write for a local newspaper, not my favourite thing to do but it does pay and provides me with the money to continue to pursue my dream of being a published children’s author.