Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The trick to failing

So I have failed a lot. I have failed in so many manners at so many things. I have insulted people by mistake, I have fucked up, I have felt guilt, shame and embarrassment. Oh boy have I messed up and sooooooo many times. I am very grateful that I have been so blessed with so many lessons.

I learned a while ago that if I do not take failure personally then it does not sting as much. If I see failure as a lesson, a gift from the universe, if I get pissed and yell at the universe then accept the fear, pain, loneliness, whatever and allow myself to feel how I feel and then learn from that feeling, then I can fail all the time. In fact I choose to fail more then succeed. Hell success is so boring. I choose to fail with grace and honor and learn my lessons and move on not to re-fail at the same task.

I build the foundation of my life on the lessons learned from my failures.

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