Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What is a Locavore?

Have you heard of this term? Locavore? Any idea what it is? My auto spell check does not recognize it. Wiki says its someone who is interested in eating local foods. That is so weak of a discription.

I am a locavore. I support local businesses, local companies, local ideas, local entrepreneurs, local friends. I donate to local charities. I choose to eat as much as possible in season and from local producers. I do not care if it is organic from 1000 miles away. I choose local organic first, then local.

I encourage everyone to try this. I am not 100% locavore. I am working to being 100% locavore, just not there yet. I believe it is the one honest and true lifestyle choice that I can make that aides the social, economic and environmental crisis. I am serious, after EXTENSIVE research I think supporting your local everything is the greatest action on can take to turn our social self destructive path around.

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  1. I like the idea of a 'locavore' but it raises some questions for me. What is local?

    Is local your current town? Your current city or state? Or even your country?

    I live in a big city, is local from my state or from my part of the city, or anywhere in the city?

    I use to live in a small town where local meant local. But now I'm just confused - how can I support 'locally' in this city if I don't know what local is?

    This probably sounds like mad-man ramble :P