Thursday, 9 February 2012

Birthing Day!!!

It has been a tradition of mine to honor the mother of the birthday girl or boy. A birthday is an incredible time when mother and child separate and transition from sharing one body to living in separate bodies. It is a great transformation, one that requires honor to the both mother and child.

My mother died when I was 17. I could not have asked for a better mother. She was not perfect, she was perfect for me. I have had troubles celebrating my birthday since then. I never put my finger on why my birthday was such an emotional event. The week leading up I would grow more and more anxious and often find myself in tears. I thought it was the time of year or it was part of my process. Last night I realized it was that I could not celebrate this wonderful day with the one person that I really want to. My mother is around in spirit, I am very sure of that. I just wish she was here in person so I can give her a hug on our special day together.

For all those people who have lost their mothers, on your birthday be kind to yourself, I know its tough. All those who know someone who has lost their mother, be extra kind to them on their birthdays, it is not an easy thing. For all those who have a mother around, honor them on your birthday!

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